Amazing Dope Finds

  • Crazeology - Crazeology (2011) dope one, gotta check this out.

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    • Jan 3 2012, 9h30
    Cookies or Comas Mixtape (2011) (the precursor to the long awaited "Cake or Death" album) is dope.

    Also The Roots Undun damn these dudes have stayed in the game long time.

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    • Jan 5 2012, 20h36
    If you haven't already copped an earful of this then pin ya lugholes back
    Prosthetik Intelligentz x GravityMovement - Sounds & Wonders EP

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    • Jan 7 2012, 12h24
  • ive been bumping cali agents how the west was one for a while, are the other albums dope as well?

    "We took pride in intellect and skill
    Now you gotta have some sex appeal to get a record deal"
    - K-RINO
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    • Jan 13 2012, 19h33
    I've only heard some tracks of Cali Angents and what I heard yeah was SICK!

    unfortunately trying to get a good number of plays from any good hip hop via
    the radios is hard as you have to go through other stuff as well, so I
    use the Chrome free music player. However that is only any good
    if they too have tracks that are playable, but at least you can hear full albums
    or a greater majority of one artist.

    Has anyone got any more dope finds? As for myself I got the remix album
    by Boog Brown "The Brown Study Remixes" which has some nice variants
    on the original. Bop Alloy "The R & R (Remixes & Revisions)" is pretty good
    as well.

    lol I am getting old I have 70+ plays of Cali Agents but how I have no idea
    must have looped a lot via Chrome, cos I checked my library on my PC
    and I have no albums by them.. has anyone hear the full "How The West
    was One" and is it worth me getting it? Also I too would be interested in
    any other albums by them that are good recommendations.

  • yeah How the West Was One is dope!

    "We took pride in intellect and skill
    Now you gotta have some sex appeal to get a record deal"
    - K-RINO
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    • Jan 16 2012, 18h58
    heard just a small number of tracks, but Authentic Sounds could prove
    one to watch for. Has anyone heard more from them and what are your

    Also elevated soul his album Day One is free to listen to/download.
    Heard one track and hit the spot so to say.. again let me know what
    you think.


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    • Jan 17 2012, 22h52
    I can confirm that Head Of The State is dope!

    Fire & Ice (not fully listed on yet) although wrongly listed under
    the title Fire and Ice
    is pure fyah! I would recommend both these albums
    without reservation; have yet to listen to Close To Cash Pt.1 but the first
    three albums inc. HTWWO are extremely good and if Cali Agents kept to
    this formula of dopeness then I don't think I will be posting a negative word
    about their album of 2010.

    Not counting the instrumentals although I have to admit no negative vibes
    on these, Close To Cash Pt. 1 is another WINNAR!!

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    • Jan 18 2012, 6h25
    Got to hear a bit more of elevated soul Day One a mix, good, dope and not so sure..but overall worth listening to.

    score 3.5/5 = Good


    I thought we could have a scoring system e.g. out of 5 for any new
    albums, mixtapes etc.. we could give to each we submit from now on.

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    • Jan 18 2012, 22h30
    Get this Thr3e, been looping this for some time
    now and enjoying it immensely.

    4.5/5 = Dope+5

    Koncept has now dropped his debut solo album you can find info @

    Official "Awaken" video

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    • Jan 19 2012, 1h19
    You have gotta get "Awaken" by Koncept
    you can check info about him at BBAS

    4.7/5 = Dopafyah!

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    • Jan 19 2012, 22h20
    Surprised no one has mentioned Malcolm & Martin (a.k.a Styliztik Jones and KB Imean, with beats by DJ Revolution) playing some tracks with Chrome and vibes is good.
    "Life Doesn't Frighten Me" (album) is dope!.


    OMG! Malcolm and Martin...were Criminal Minded is pure classic hip hop DOPENESS!!

    ..."Scratch me baby!"

    5/5 = ReSpectaDope

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    • Jan 21 2012, 7h22
    I highly recommend this dope MC Rozewood

    Featured albums: 2012 - Neon Paradise

    4.3/5 = Dope

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    • Jan 24 2012, 22h32
    Royalty Check gonna rep this for a while.

    Kris seems to get better with age and Bumpy (aka Freddie Foxxx)
    make for a good collab. Usual dissing of pop rappers..yeah!!

    5/5 Dopafyah

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  • ''Tragic Allies - The Tree Of Knowledge Of Good & Evil'' is pretty dope imo.

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    • Fev 6 2012, 1h36
    I thoroughly recommend you get D-Fro's new album From the Cradle to the Grave

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    • Fev 29 2012, 13h33
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    • Mar 4 2012, 14h38
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    • Mar 9 2012, 17h54
    Trace Blam has been putting up some videos of his music on
    Youtube (under Trace Blam). Two albums or EP's which you
    can download from bandcamp.

  • first heard MidaZ The BEAST on last years dope IMAKEMADBEATS lp.

    his bandcamp side.

    i highly recommend "The Life And Times Of Grizzly Adams". a compilation of joints he was featured on, remixes, freestyles, previously unreleased stuff etc.

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    • Mar 11 2012, 10h14
    Yeah I heard some of the IMAKEMADBEATS tracks.. pretty damn dope
    will have a look at some of MTB's other stuff as well.

  • Yeah, and presented a pretty dope mixtape called "Dare Iz A Doxside" back in 2010. The compilation features 20 tracks of Doxside Music Group's impressive roster w/ IMAKEMADBEATS, Butta Verses, TzarizM, MidaZ and others. You can find it here:

  • Just found out that they also dropped Vol. 2 few days ago, dl it right now :D

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    • Mar 17 2012, 10h14
    Highly recommended, Props to headhunter187 for the headz-up
    J Shiltz
    J Shiltz - What I Stand For

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