Happiest song?

  • Happiest song?

    What's the happiest song you've heard? I can't think of a specific song right now, but Sam Shaber is a very happy-sounding artist...

    Cate Doefer
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    • Fev 11 2009, 17h25

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    • Mai 24 2009, 14h39
    Mmk, so, I just know I'm gonna get a bunch of smack for this, but this song ALWAYS comes to mind when "happy" songs are mentioned.

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    • Jun 18 2009, 10h59
    This one fits here. The Cure is a British band that plays dark and depressive new wave music from beggining to the end. However, they also have many happy songs that became popular and got collected on album "Greatest Hits" (which I recommend). "The Caterpillar" song isn't on that album tho. You may watch the video through the link below.


    There's too much to choose from as far as the "happiest" song is concerned. And I prefer full albums to single separated songs. Most of happy music you'll find in jazz and new age.

    Some years ago a very popular and positive computer game was released - it has quite peaceful music. Check also other songs from it. I randomly picked one.


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