• Name your top 5 electronic tracks of all time...

    Mar 17 2011, 22h42 por MoveMenth

    01. Jakatta – American Dream (Afterlife Remix)

    02. OceanLab – If I Could Fly

    03. Aphex Twin vs. F.U.S.E – Heliosphan Into The Space

    04. Kaito – We Are Living Here (Beatless Version)

    05. Fleetwood Mac – Never Forget (Cut Copy Lifelike Mix)
  • Cyndi Lauper

    Jun 22 2010, 17h41 por theuskid

    http://www.last.fm/group/Cyndi+Lauper:+Memphis+BluesCyndi Lauper
  • It was acceptable in the 90s.

    Jan 30 2010, 0h00 por idiotsdream

    I'm sure this has been noticed and discussed by now. As we boldly march down this fresh, shiny new decade, it seems that we can't help repeat or regurgitate on times old.

    The age of the 10s seems (or will seem) to be influenced by 90s music. 90s rave. 90s style and fashion. It's a manifestation that seems to last throughout the entire decade, and for each decade we enter, we seem to revisit an old one at the same time. It's known as a sort of 20 year revival rule.

    It's happened before, of course, that's part of the reasoning for impulsively starting this journal.

    In the 70s, we had the 50s, with perhaps the most obvious product placement of that being Happy Days.

    In the 80s, we had Mod revival for a while, with 80s music impeaching itself on the 60s.

    In the 90s, we rentered the age of boogie, especially through television. Not only did we have The Brady Bunch Movie:

    Or The Wonder Years:

    Or That 70s Show:

    But we also had the more dark, gritty, 'scenic', to say, output of Boogie Nights:

    As well as all this, this presented the most extreme vision of a culture clash: 90s, grunge, dank, dark, heavy, abrasive music and styles slammed into a bright, poppy, colourful, happy-go-lucky style of the 70s, with the language ("Square" or "hip", "groovy chick" or "rad") being hilarious to look at, in a not unironic way.

    The 2000s were the births child of the 80s, once again. I think La Roux is maybe the most blatently obvious example of this genre, though that may be because it's still recent to their success. But there were other examples too. Left, right and centre, critics and the media were dubbing out the term 'electro', almost automatically. People were wanting their MTV, inspite of what fundamental differences there are between MTV now and in 1981.

    Daft Punk are perhaps a pioneering success from this. What with the success and constant re-evalulating and analysis of Discovery in early 2001, I think, in particular, it was this album that spawned the stylish rediscovery of the 80s into the 00s. Now, you've got hundreds of acts spinning a 12" into our heads, acts like Peaches, Ladytron, The Knife, Goldfrapp, Röyksopp, Hot Chip, Cut Copy, Ladyhawke, Little Boots, Dragonette and many others, some of these acts having a certain DIY quality to their music.

    A surprising source of this has actually came from hip-hop acts, be it that there was a scene they wanted to tap into in the laziest style or not. So be it. Probably the best example i can think of on top of my head would be Stronger by Kanye West (and it's of no coincidence that that song samples Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, i've noted that).

    Undoubtedly, a large source of fondness for the 80s must be from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It introduced a type of culture and visual awareness to hundreds of thousands of youngsters, to a paradise of wonders that they could never have experienced, because of their age, it was a re-creation of all things that happened in America in the 80s, even if some of it wasn't exactly true, and it was slightly bent. It was a fantasy.

    In some ways, certain things from the 80s refused to die.
    Blue Monday never died out. Neither did the Toyota MR2. Digital clocks are more popular than ever now, though you could argue that was something from the tail end of the 70s.

    On cue, I do wonder what the full extent of this 90s revivial will be like. It has begun in some ways already:

    In one way, i'm looking forward to it. The 90s represented a lost decade of youth and innocence on my childhood, and all the memories i have of it are fuzzy, happy and niave. I used to sport hair that was so curly it warranted dreadlocks. And it would be fun in a party-type way if people started dressing like they did, circa 1992. Baggy clothes, big hair, noise rings, German military boots, those skirts you used to see on some hip-hop / dance albums around 1993 when they stopped halfway above your knee, and the strange, obsurdness of urban-talk, which Clueless attempted to cover about.

    In another way though, it's kinda sad. Isn't it? I mean, I thought a little bit of it was. I'm one for always looking ahead to the future, never looking back, do something that's never been done by anyone before etc. And it's certainly not that that won't happen or be achieved through this decade, it's more just that it would make it more harder to give the 10s it's own individuality stamp. Each of the last 4 or 5 decade's has had enough creativity in itself to be memorable for it's own right, and if we keep repeating ourselves in time by going on an endless 20 year cycle loop, where will we find ourselves in 2030? What will the 2010s been remembered for? Will the good and the bad in this decade be recognized in references in future generations? This thought makes me very curious for the future. I'm excited and curious, but just a dash cautious as well.

    I think i'll end this around about now, before i get too lost and ramble too much. I only originally started this post because of a 90s influenced picture i saw of Kelis, and it just inspired me from there. That was well over 115 minutes ago. Remarkably really.

    Bring on the 10s, i say. I'll be interested to see what'll happen next.
  • 18th Birthday Mix Cd

    Out 11 2009, 21h11 por retro_trash

    HELP! Hope that got your attention lol

    i'm making a mix cd for my best friend for her 18th birthday, not a party mix just a mix from me to her so far a few songs i've compiled are(they aren't specifically my taste well some of them aren't, obviously because it's for my friend) oh theyre not in order;

    Joanna Newsom-Emily (because well her name's emily, i don't particularly like this song, but the only one i could think of with her name in it, any suggestions for other tracks??)

    Jeff Buckley & Elizabeth Fraser-All Flowers In Time Bend Towards The Sun ( i know for certain she'll love this shes very loved up at the moment and this a lovers song definitely)

    Mariah Carey-Emotions & Bryan Adams-(Everything I Do) I Do It for You ( I was going to include these because they were the number one hits on either side of the atlantic when she was born :S)

    Altered Images-Happy Birthday ( this is included well for obvious reasons, the bestest birthday song ever! i also love the stevie wonder one too of course my mum wouldn't forgive me if i didn't mention that one)

    Romeo Void-Never Say Never ( this one reminds me of her slutty side lol, in a good way lol, believe me she knows she has that side of her!)

    The Who-Baba O'Riley (this still sounds amazingly modern and the don't cry don't raise your eye bit it's only teenage wasteland well i had to have this one on here)

    Phoebe Buffay-Smelly Cat ( this one needs no explanation!)

    Imogen Heap-Come Here Boy (she doesn't like most imogen heap stuff really but i feel this one has something she'll be able to connect to)

    Peter Gabriel-The Book Of Love (she really loves this one, from hearing it from the final montage of scrubs season 8, yes she is a major sitcom addict!)

    Dido-Thankyou (dido is one of her favs)

    Cocteau Twins-Carolyn's Fingers (this track is filled with so much joy and its the cocteau's probably most mainstream, well perhaps after heaven or las vegas)

    Gossip-Love Long Distance (well she's in a long distance relationship?)

    Some other song I was thinking about...

    The Cure-Pictures of You

    Siobhan Donaghy-So You Say

    Diamanda Galás-Tony

    So what do you think? Is it any good please give your honest opinions & finally...


    I was thinking of including The Shangri-Las-Leader of the Pack, but then i realised that the leader of the pack dies at the end of the song...so not the best idea really, but i was wondering if anyone knew of any songs from that same era with a similar feel but about a love which doesn't end in someones death?

    I also really wanted a real fuck you song for the album nothing too out there nothing too poppy either, from the perspective of the girl who has been wronged by her man, my friend had trouble from this one guy at the start of the year, thought it would be appropriate

    any other song suggestions would be greatly appreciated! anything which is reminiscent of being 18 perhaps?

    Or a song which sums up this year, maybe a really incredibly beautiful love song which could do with being on here?

    Thank you for your time!
  • Don't stop the Fopp!

    Ago 21 2009, 13h49 por idiotsdream

    Keep it aliiiiive.

    I live in a dusty little corner of Scotland, a place where we used to get a decent amount of music related shops. But with supermarkets offering cheap cut price chart stuff, therefore taking away many customers from music shops, and the recission sucking Woolworths and Virgin / Zavvi / Head underwater, this has left us only with HMV.

    Fopp used to be part of Dundee's music lineup, but that unfortunately went bust in 2007. HMV however (ironically really, if you think about it), bought it over and re-opened a desperately few 7 or 8 of these shops in the UK.

    One of these was at Rose Street in Edinburgh.

    The last time i remember going to Fopp before it closed, i think, was on June 1st, 2007. (I remember after the shutters came down when the shop closed i could see all the little CDs, like they were crying out for someone to buy them) and it took until August 18th, 2009 until i went back into one of their shops during the week. I wanted to hug the place and never let go.Honestly, i did. It was nice. It was great actually. It felt all familar, back to when i used to spend hours there after school or on Saturdays when i was 17. And compaired to HMV and Virgin, they had so much more stock. Had more specialist type music, more stock, more of a foreign affiliation in the catalogue. And i loved the books they had there as well, they were quite introspective, and how they had a wide range from biographies to guitar tuning.

    Because it's been bought over by HMV, well....you can tell their influence, you know? Mostly in the stickers and such. But there's something else as well, something that i can't quite put my finger on. Maybe it's just a subtle influence, how it seems a little streamlined and up front now. Though thankfully, this hasn't had a hit on what they sell, if anything it feels like it's been expanded more, because it certainly felt like that. Someone on the Popjustice forums said, "What I love about Fopp is that it's basically the HMV website in shop form. The majority of the time, CDs and DVDs that are £2.99 online at HMV, will be £3 instore at Fopp. Whereas the HMV instore prices are nothing like their online ones."

    Part of the reason i was looking for Fopp in Edinburgh was because i knew they had a more wide range of slightly obscure genre music. And i was right. I had came to buy some Cocteau Twins (of which i had to travel across half of Scotland to find some, and what i had previously found before was very, very little), some rare-ish Grace Jones albums (that of being 'Warm Leatherette' and 'Slave to the Rhythm' and Camera Obscura. Which isn't rare, but that whole Scottish, twee band scene fitted in perfectly in Edinburgh.

    I hope Fopp comes back. Properly, some day. I miss it too much to forget it, and getting to Edinburgh gets too expensive to go to the city often. But even so, it's still just as good as i can remember. For me, it'll be the one of the best, ultimate places for music to shop in.
  • "Cute! She looks like Kate Bush!" "Who?" "Like a better version of Amy Winehouse."

    Ago 21 2009, 11h10 por idiotsdream

    When Emmerdale did this last night (August 20th), it was a bit of a smack/palm/head moment. How the fuck can the lovely, etheral, amazing and bizarre motion that is Kate Bush be compaired to that drugged up boozehound who's key language is mumbling and yelling? Don't get me wrong, i think she's a talent, but she's very quickly learning to piss it all completely away, if she's not careful. I wanted to smack Holly Barton up the head with a tyre iron and cut all her new haircut off, which is how she got compaired to Kate in the first place.

    I think all teenagers should listen to Hounds of Love. At least just the once. As well as being half a thematic album about being lost at sea, the other half is about love, and all the varying degrees of it, reasons for it, and different kinds of it. It gives a good perspective about things, is a amazing concept story and i think it's very enlightening.It's personal. Like a diary. And it was at Bush's career peak, and to dismiss someone like that so easily and blankly is rather typical of British youth. Ugh.

    Good on Moira Barton for at least a) knowing who Kate Bush is, and b) saying that she's better than Amy Winehouse. It's some comfort anyway.
  • Chaka Khan: She's all our women.

    Ago 1 2009, 21h45 por idiotsdream

    Whenever you're low, with a dreaded impending sense of doom and 'that quicksand feeling' like i've currently got at the moment, there is, but one song that will always respond to your feelings of despair, your bottom-of-the-barrel lowness, to your rapid lack of self esteem and unwanted feelings of doubt.

    And that incarnation of the holy grail, comes in the form of the 70s, disco classic Chaka Khan's I'm Every Woman .

    The song that seeked Bridget Jones out to make her feel better about herself after seeing her boss cheat on her with 'an American stick'; the song that President Obama sung to his wife Michelle Obama in public rallies; and the song that Whitney Houston did a Grammy nominated cover of.

    Normally, this is where i'd post the YouTube video and mention the five different Chaka's to represent 'every woman', and how the video was apparently one of the first music videos ever made (i doubt this however, i read that on Wiki).

    But there's no video of it on YouTube.

    So instead, i'll post this live version she did on Oprah, from 1996 (it used to be the theme to that particular programme). All the single, young, empowered, feelin' good females in the audience really put all the energy and excitement into the performance what with the 'WHOOP!' and everything.

    And so yes, personally i think one of the best songs, not only from the 1970s, but from the past 35 years. A song with confidence, bounce (not that i exactly know what that means) and the anthem for women, drag queens and trannies everywhere.

    Rock on Chaka. Thanks for putting fire inside us.

  • My Top 10 Songs... ever!

    Jun 26 2009, 14h27 por Kieran0411


    There's no way i would ever casually attempt to choose my 10 favourite songs, or even try to justify that any 10 are better than the next 10 - apart from a couple of true outstanding constant favourites, i've never given it much thought.

    I decided the easiest way to separate the top 10 from the rest in my head, would be to choose songs that are specifically important to me, had some sort of deep resonance with me or were responsible in some way for a shift in the way i was thinking about music/life in general at the time, and hopefully also fulfilling the criteria that it could be widely considered a true classic tune.

    In no particular order, other than a loose chronological timeline...

    1. This Must Be the Place (Naive Melody) - Talking Heads (from the album: Speaking in Tongues - 1983)

    This is currently my most favourite song ever, and from one of my favourite bands. A fun and happy, yet heartwrenching song about love. Simple, yet complex and quirky in melody & lyrics. The greatest pop songs are always deceivingly simple. This song is perfection on many levels, and it will stay with me until i die. It took the #1 position from...

    2. Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division (from the album: Love Will Tear Us Apart EP - 1980)

    ...If you asked me which artist best encapsulates the sound and feel of the 80s, i would say The Cure. If you asked me what song, it's this. Not that anyone would ask me. It's undeniably 80s, but it transcends time. Easily one of the greatest songs ever made, a song that has been in my subconscious since i was a child, festering, waiting for me to finally realise its greatness.

    3. Marquee Moon - Television (from the album: Marquee Moon - 1977)

    So Television's Marquee Moon album was a classic way before i ever heard it, and i'd already made many inroads into my musical preferences when i first heard it. But this album, and the title track straight away went up the top of my favourites in my head. Marquee Moon is a perfect song from a perfect album, unmeasurably influential, and arguably the highlight album and song of punk's golden year, 1977. At the risk of sounding clichéd, at 10+ minutes this song actually takes you on a journey. The final guitar part in the last solo, nine minutes in, sounds like you're flying.

    4. Roads - Portishead (from the album: Dummy - 1994)

    Don't know what to say about this, other than Portishead are a band that i was totally obsessed with when i was in my late teens. This is my favourite song of theirs, a favourite of mine full-stop. Listening to the live version shows the true ethereal beauty and untapped emotional power this song has... such a travesty that the world doesn't know this song and hold it in the same esteem i do. And i wouldn't even know it if it weren't for...

    5. Teardrop - Massive Attack (from the album: Mezzanine - 1998)

    Another true classic. A song i instantly fell in love with, and totally changed my mind about what music i thought i liked. This is the song more than any other that is responsible for giving me my open mind towards different types of music...

    6. Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine (from the album: Rage Against the Machine - 1992)

    I was 12 when this song came out, and i had the censored version of it on a "Hits of '92" compilation cd - i loved it without realising the proper version existed, and when i finally did hear the "Fuck You, I Won't Do What You Tell Me" ending... it planted a mind-seed that would incubate over the years and it subconsciously opened up doors of future acceptance to other darker, harder genres, especially metal. It's one of the most powerful songs ever, and getting heavily into Rage Against The Machine in your formative years does things to your thoughts.

    7. Today - The Smashing Pumpkins (from the album: Siamese Dream - 1993)

    The Smashing Pumpkins - trying to sum up why i love them is hard, choosing one song is fucking hard. SP were like the first rock band where i was old enough to consciously love them, their music, not just a song i heard on the radio or whatever, realising they were part of a musical genre relative to the decade, and that i was living through this time that i knew would replay in my head as my soundtrack to my life in the future.

    I knew immediately they would have a place here - but which song. I can't seem to think back to the one song that made me love them, it just feels like they've always been there.

    I've chosen Today, it's probably not my favourite anymore, but it's one of the obvious choices. I think this may have been the song, the song that someone said to me "Today is the best song" and realising how good it is, how good they are, how much i loved them and this type of music, and music for me was never just a song on the radio that i liked anymore, it was now a big part of my life.

    8. Da Funk - Daft Punk (from the album: Homework - 1996)

    It's funny cause i never listen to Daft Punk anymore - even though lately there has been a widespread resurgence in their popularity and a general realisation of their influence on any kind of electronic music today - but i when i heard this song and saw the filmclip simultaneously for the first time back when it came out, i just fell in love with it. I didn't just love the song, i tried to base my life on it somehow, trying to personify the song by living life extra funky in a futuristic, but strange style, similar to that of a life size talking man-dog that roams city streets at night, a secret alter ego. Apart from the fact that the album is a classic and didn't leave my car stereo much for a year after, it formed a solid foundation for my love of electronic music.

    9. They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) - Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth (from the album: Mecca and the Soul Brother - 1992)

    I can't have a top ten without having a rap tune in here, rap took up a large portion of my listening preference in my teenage years. It's easy to pick the contenders - but choosing just one was quite hard. The best rap group ever and my favourite rap group, the timeless A Tribe Called Quest, also released what i consider the quintessential rap album, Midnight Marauders. What The Cure is to the 1980s, ATCQ is to the golden era of rap. But choosing one of their songs over all others is like splitting hairs.

    Problem is, much like Love Will Tear Us Apart is my quintesssential song for the 80s, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth's "They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)" is straight up, condensed, concentrated hip-hop in a can, arguably the greatest rap song ever.

    ATCQ holds a greater place in my musical taste, but i'd say They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y) trumps any song ATCQ put out, only marginally though. If the lyrics of 'Electric Relaxation' weren't all about sex, i may have chosen it over T.R.O.Y.

    10. Fade Into You - Mazzy Star (from the album: So Tonight That I Might See - 1993)

    This has for a very long time, been such a sad song to hear for certain reasons that i could only bear to hear it every now & then. However over the last year it has become much more personal in a happier way, and has cemented its place with me, i think it took this list to realise it though. To kinda quote the lyrics: i think its its strange i never knew.

    Just missed out...

    11. A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation
    12. A Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour
    13. Gillian Welch - Revelator
    14. Metallica - One
    15. Joan as Police Woman - Eternal Flame

  • I love to read.

    Mai 13 2009, 13h40 por idiotsdream

    Which is exactly why i've been jumping for joy of late, with the news that the 'recomended reading' feature has returned to Last.fm:

    98.5%. Which is close enough show you guys. It's not fully public (it's not linked to anywhere but here), but you can take a look and let me know how you find it. http://www.last.fm/home/reading I've been a bit overwhelmed with the new Radio page launch for the last few weeks, that's mostly out of the way now though. I'll carve out a day next week to do the final few bits to this to make it 100%.

    Thank you Underpangs.

    Since Last.fm went fulltime Beta, it lost anytime reading, and in the 10 months that it's taken to come back, it's a bit of an understatment to say that i've missed it a bit. It's always good for the soul to read something, be it a chart, a lyrics game, someone's 10,000th song, or a foul mouthed user having a good old rant against the lack of audio between Warner and YouTube. It always gave the user a small look into someone else's mind, to see what they're thinking, how they're writing it out, and we all react to it.

    Another thing with recomended reading was, how i liked that it would always used to appear on the front page of the site, and suddenly you're getting thousands of thoughts and opinions all at once. With this gone in the redevelopment of the site, not only did it make reading the journals more difficult to find, it was also more duller in general. What with this, i still think that the lack of many comments on thousands (millions even) of journals probably stemmed from not finding a good outlet to entice the casual reader into.

    Unleash your inner bookworm.

    And let's all have a nice toast to the return of recomended reading.And hope it doesn't go away any time soon.

    Bye bye.
  • Remix for Esmée Denters!

    Mar 16 2009, 22h37 por Axonee

    Robert's produced a great remix video clip for Esmée Denters. The talented youtube star Esmée, she greeted it with joy. This is remix has been 3 in days already official music. There was quite a interesting phrase this from Axone's. The music genre is Modernized Trance and Electro together its combinations. Not a standard chords and melodical items. The clip is very apt and funny, just then it is consisting of professional picture and animation sequences. Exceedingly it balanced and decorative. Advertising is also inducing with characteristic. After Nelly Furtado's to a special phrase knowable. This 3rd star's video (Nelly Furtado, Gwen Stefani and now Esmée Denters...) The music is hard with hitter and a mover. You are bringing the appearance again, CONGRATULATIONS we carry it!

    Video descriptions:

    Artist in the video: Luther Vandross, Marco V, Esmée Denters and member of the Axone Productions Artists (Tibor, Robert and Ferenc..)

    Luther Vandross
    Esmée Denters
    Esmee Denters
    Marco V
    Axone Productions

    Miami Topsecret
    Axone Productions - Esmée Denters Remix

    Interscope Records
    Axone Productions
    Airplay Direct

    Esmée Denters



    Axone Productions

    Dance with my father by original: (Luther Vandross)

    Watch it!

    Johnatan Parker (Giveness Editorial Staff)