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For those who like good music regardless of style or genre. Good music is one that sounds good to listen.

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Why are we so used to judge the value of music, pointing out its faults and qualities simply because of our personal taste? This whole story gets to have absurd consequences, turning a taste of some rule or law, we are forced to follow on pain of being ridiculed, pushed aside if we do not follow the patterns created by these handlers desires.

The music is natural, alive, somehow she has the power to connect humans with other dimensions, bringing forth dormant feelings, makes us cry, laugh, fear, courage. Anyway, she completes us, helping us to find the true way, without the imposition of holy books, temples or other stories that seem to be more fairy tale than a historical description of reality.

In many cultures, especially in several African tribes, the concept of good music or bad does not exist, the music is just music, they does not understand the concept of judging their value. First because they do not sell, and secondly because it is used in important moments of tribal life such as births, weddings, puberty and other ceremonies, where money does not exercise its power corrupt. It is part of life, growth and self-knowledge of each one of us, you are a musician or not.

Many people feel are superior because they like a certain style of music, especially lovers of jazz and classical music and not even consider what they dislike. This is pure arrogance. They are musicians who do not mix because they feel superior by humiliating the people because of this supposed superiority. Worse still is the pseudo music fans that do not play "fuck" No, listen to music because of nationalist values, or for any other reason pathetic as this, and feel entitled to judge everything, even not knowing anything. With this we created a very strange profession, that of music critic, or the law when it comes to "quality" music. These "cardinals" of the musical quality is pitiful, though some are limited to give your opinion pure and sincere, but it's still very strange that many people depend on one critical to listen to something new.

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