Game: Gretest Aussie Rock Tunes

  • Game: Gretest Aussie Rock Tunes

    I wanted to compile a list of what this group considers to be the essential classics of Aussie Rock. The rules are as follows:

    1. I shall begin by posting a list of five songs.

    2. People then may either vote YES, NO or UNDECIDED for a song. Please vote UNDECIDED for a song if you have not heard it. The original poster of a list can not vote for their own songs.

    3. If a song recieves three YES votes before three NO votes than it is accepted to the list of Greatest Aussie Rock Tunes. If it recieves three NO votes before three YES votes, then it is dismissed from consideration and no further votting on that song will be counted.

    4. Once all the songs in a list have been either dismissed or accepted, someone else may post another list to vote on. The list must contain exactly five songs by any australian artist. No australian artist may be represented more than once in the same list unless they are part of another ensemble or as a solo artist.

    For example, it would be acceptable to post a list containing one Jebediah song and a Bob Evans song and a You am I song, a Tim Rogers song and a song by The Pictures. This is simply to encourage diversity and prevent the flooding of the list with only a few artists.

    5. If you have any suggestions to modify these rules feel free to PM me.

    List of songs:

    1. Berlin Chair
    2. The Mercy Seat
    3. Shark Fin Blues
    4. Chase The Dragon
    5. This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers

    Greatest Aussie Rock Tunes:

    1. Berlin Chair
    2. Shark Fin Blues

    I'd like to get more participation. So I'm going to suggest that people post their own list, before voting has been completed on other lists.

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    • Tenozuma disse...
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    • Nov 20 2007, 3h14
    1. Berlin Chair - Yes
    2. The Mercy Seat - Undecided
    3. Shark Fin Blues - Undecided
    4. Chase the Dragon - Undecided
    5. This Train Will be Taking No Passengers - Undecided

    I'll probably come back and decide on some of them before the next poster. :P

  • 1. Yes
    2. Undecided
    3. YES, YES
    4. unknown
    5. unknown

  • YES

  • 1. YES
    2. YES
    3. YES
    4. YES

    ... well, looks like Berlin Chair and Shark Fin Blues have made it onto the list ;)

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