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Last.fm group for fans of pop punk band Gob.
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About Gob
Vancouver’s Gob became an international story and earned Canadian Gold with their 2001 album “The World According to Gob”, demonstrating that Gob is a punk band with exceptional song writing skills, and a strong ability to connect with a wide audience.

Their new album, “Muertos Vivos”, features their strongest material yet. Comprised of founding members Theo Goutzinakis and Tom Thacker plus Gabe Mantle and Steven Fairweather, Gob has earned its reputation based in equal parts on a great live performance and truly smart songs that leave a lasting imprint. There are plenty of tracks on “Muertos Vivos” that promise to be fan favorites, from the war cry of the first single “We’re all Dying”, to the searing “Underground” and the anthem-like “Banshee Song”.

Check out the new Gob site http://gobfansunite.com and http://www.twitter.com/gobfansuniters for regular updates !!

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Tom Thacker (Vocals/Guitar)

Theo Goutzinakis (Guitar/Vocals)

Gabe Mantle (Drums)

Steven Fairweather (Bass)

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