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I'd like to be able to go to artist pages & see shoutboxes in which people are talking about new tracks, favorite songs, advertising relevant groups, sharing videos etc.
I'm bored of all the hate...

I like the idea of being able to go to an artist's page and seeing some serious discussion about them, or finding some rare tracks being recommended. I'm not saying you shouldn't have an opinion, i don't even like half of our connections myself.Everyone has a right to an opinion, but running around shoutboxes saying shit like ' he should die' or ' this artist is shit' is pointless. If you can't understand the fact different people have different tastes then at least show some respect, not for the band but for it's fans.
If you want people to know you dislike a band why not start a group about them instead?

In the words of Professor_Alex...
No formal rules, no - but it would be safe to say from this group there are some people who think crude baseless insults thrown at bands are unnecessary, and in the case this group keeps growing, that would mean the unwritten rules discourage that crap.

This group was originally founded on May 19th 2007, but the title was incorrectly spelled with 'are' instead of 'our' and reached 136 members, on Sep 16th 2007 I remade a new group correcting the grammar mistake.

If you're reading this thinking, fuck off i'll flame who i want then here's the group for you:
Flamin people in shoutboxes makes our days.
Apparently you get free pie on entry, what more could you want?

Group Connections
Freedom Of Music
Warriors of United Genres & Tolerance in Musical Taste (where possible)
Hating people's taste in music is LAME
The Non Elitist Group.
I Hate Music Snobs
The Openminded Society
If you want to be added to our group connections just pass me a shout,and i'll stick you in.

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