Song Survival: Shag Tobacco

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    • Mai 12 2007, 14h54

    Song Survival: Shag Tobacco

    I saw this game in other groups and thought it's fun.

    I start with all of the songs of Shag Tobacco (because that's the most popular album according to and they all start on 10 points. You guys post giving a +1 to one song, and a -1 to another. Once one reaches 0 it is removed. It goes on until one is left which is the winner.

    I'll start:

    Shag Tobacco 10
    Caruso 10
    Angel 9 -
    Little Black Dress 10
    The Slider 10
    Dolls 10
    Mr Pussy 10
    You Me and World War Three 10
    Kitchen Sink Drama 10
    My Twentieth Century 11
    The Last Song I'll Ever Sing 10
    Le Roi d'Amour 10

    • IanAR disse...
    • Assinante
    • Jun 22 2007, 3h13
    Good game! I just noticed it *blushes*

    +1 Caruso = Easy!
    -1 Angel = Hard to pick a naff track on this album.

    Thanks for kicking this off - Best, Ian

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