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  • KinomiyaMichiru

    While the description seems a little harsh, this sounds like a really good idea. I think what happens most the time is that someone d/l's an OST, and listens to it as soon as they un-rar it, without caring what the tags say. While I-myself-do not know alot about which composer does which anime/game OST, I do have a habit of changing my tags, when tells me when a song plays. Others should as well.

    julho 2011
  • liftarn

    Yes, as far as I can tell wrong tags are the result of either laziness, incompetence or malice. Laziness can be fixed by asking people to use Musicbrainz Picard as it fixes correct tags with just a few mouse clicks. The tricky part is getting lazy people to do it. Making sure the red "fix your tags" images is shown would at least encourage them. Incompetence would also be fixed by encouraging the use of an automatic tagger since very little knowledge is needed to use it. Not all tracks are listed in the Musicbrainz database so it would help if we could identify those and add them. Malice is the most difficult one to cure and I have no easy answer for that one.

    fevereiro 2011