• My Top 10 Lady Gaga Songs

    Nov 13 2010, 12h24 por Odiously

    I saw this sort of journal on someone elses page, and since I've been listening to Lady Gaga on repeat a lot, I decided to do this. I'm bored.

    1. Again Again
    A lovely poppy jazz song. Really refreshing to listen to after you've been listening to all her pop songs . And NO AUTOTUNE!!!11!!1

    2. Starstruck
    This would be number one if it wasn't for unnescessary auto-fucking-tune and Flo-fucking-Rida (who is possibly the worst rapper ever). Still fantastic though.

    3. Fashion
    FASHION, PUT IT ALL ON MEE! DON'T YOU WANNA SEE THESE CLOTHES ON MEEE? A B-side track which really should have been on one of the albums. Screw Meidi Montag.

    4. Poker Face
    If you have not heard this song you have probably been living under a rock for the last 2 years. With catchy hooks almost everywhere in this slice of pop goodness you'll have a hard time getting it out your head.

    5. Boys Boys Boys
    Inspired by Motley Crue. Nuff said.

    6. Monster
    Catchy as hell. Pretty horrible lyrics (he ate my heart, that boy is a monster!) but it's got a great beat to it and great melody so it stays here.

    7. Speechless
    A beautiful piano ballad about Gaga's father who refused to get surgery. You could also believe that this was a love song.

    8. Electric Kiss
    Alright, alright. So this is actually by Stefani Germanotta but I'm still putting this here. I wish she played piano like this more. Sigh...

    9. Paper Gangsta
    The moment I first heard the piano intro and the sort-of-rap thing Gaga does at the start, I knew I had fell in love.

    10. Brown Eyes
    Another piano ballad, but this ones more rocky in a way. Gets the repeat treatment a lot.

    I hope you enjoyed wasting your precious time reading this massive turd.