ISRAEL, are they good or bad?

  • Good. You understand it when you go there.

  • ohhh religion...their choise...i dont care...fuck they....and now i will listen imagine - john lennon

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    • Set 17 2011, 2h46
    The Zionist Regime in Palestine... even as germans we get presented the "good" and allways "right" Israel every day... and i've met many "brainwashed" people who realy believe in this.

    ...but when i look back.. the last 60 years - there's nothing wich could make me like them.

    All the UNO-resolutions they've broken... they have nuclear weapons, and rockets to shoot them thousands of kilometers all over the world... ( this is what i call a real danger for world peace)

    .they expel & kill nearly everyday palestinian people- even children.... and their politics against the palestinian and the palestinian human rights.. (settlements in the Westbank, the attacks against the Gaza-Helping-Fleet, water ressorces etc.)

    Each other State on the World... (remember Iraq and all the other..) would have been invaded, and "democratized" for this behavior.

    This shows what Israel is for the US... "Israel" isn't an american puppet... the United States and the rest of the capitalist, so called "western word" are puppets of the Zionist regime.

    • hulkkar disse...
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    • Fev 25 2012, 0h44

    past, present and future

    Zyklon B poison gas, was invented by a Jew, and received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his discovery: Fritz Haber.
    When have they done something right?

  • Israel

    Well all the hatred groups and people around the world hate jews and Israel and even brain wash people into thinking that the jews are evil..So in my opion that means Israel is good..

  • I hate Israel.

    Meine Ehre heiSSt Treue!
  • volkssturm said:
    I hate Israel.
    This Is My Point Exactly...Hatred People Hate Israel

  • Bad!

    I hate Israel. It kills thousands of innocent Palestinians. End Israeli Terrorism!!!!

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    • Fev 10 2013, 6h31
    allies = good :p

    • gerrymbt disse...
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    • Jun 8 2013, 20h06
    I love you guys :3

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