What made you become a brony?

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    • Out 17 2011, 18h55

    What made you become a brony?

    We all got our stories and tale of how we gained our brony tags and cutie marks, but now it's time to share how you got them.

    Post your stories!

    Here's what happened to me:

    I got into the show because one of my friends was constantly linking me to pictures and fan art relating to the show. It drove me to the point of thinking "Well... I guess I should watch it before giving a final opinion on it"

    ...watch the show...

    Within the first five minutes I thought it was good

    Began progressively liking it more and getting more involved in the community. By the end of the season I was full on brony and it's still growing onto me...

    I started watching it in April, People found out I was a brony in August, Got all my Friends to like it last weekend (October 14-16, 2011)

  • Whee, I can paste something I've already written! (Months ago, in fact!)

    I first saw the show in early February. I was over at my grandparents' house for a birthday, and my older sister eagerly brought up MLPFiM after the presents were opened and the cake had been eaten. She told us she took out her laptop and loaded some episodes on YouTube when she dropped by our house, and she was going to make sure at least one person watched them before leaving because she, like everyone around her, was going crazy over how the show is actually good. I agreed to watch, since I'd been awake for over 30 hours and I was getting silly. We watched the pilot episodes, though I wasn't really paying much attention due to lack of sleep and the presence of ponies. It didn't immediately get me interested in the show, but I told some online friends to watch it and I tried to rewatch it with one of them via SynchTube. (Sadly, he couldn't handle the poniness and left after about three minutes, so I didn't keep watching. He's a fan now though.)

    About a week later, I noticed a friend had favorited "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic provides a realistic representation of life in Ponyville". I brought it up briefly the next time I talked to him. I was getting more interested. After catching more glimpses on various websites (especially SynchTube, which was suddenly being used by other people) and being prodded by my sister, I gave it another shot. I watched the first four episodes and decided the show was worth watching through. After ten, I thought the show was amazing, and I started making an effort to get others into the show. I caught up at somewhere around episode 16. I've been completely obsessed since then, and I think it's the best new western cartoon in six years.

    Every time I post, you read this sentence. It never changes.
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    • Out 18 2011, 0h24
    I was curious about all the hub-bub about the show, so I watched it on demand on IO TV (The final show of season 1, when they're at the gala) and I found it awesome. This was like sometime in august. The end.

  • First of all I gotta say I remember old generations of MLP airing on TV. That show was a trauma. Seriously, it was one of the worst cartoon shows - if not THE worst - that were ever created.
    Somewhere in January I was browsing a forum dedicated to some internet comic strips and there was this thread "My Little Pony Friendshi is Magic". What the hell I thought clicking the link... and then I saw them. Those actually cute and well drawn ponies. That second I already knew it's not the same show. I went to 4chan for more info, saw some more screenshots and decided to give it a try. When I caught up it was Call of the Cutie airing.
    Then I found out about Equestria Daily and started visiting it regularly, then some groups on Facebook, browsing pony threads on /co/ and /b/...
    And then, around March/April I went to Ponychan, to /chat/ to be exact. And it was awesome, within a week I became a regular of the board and one of the most active regulars of "How Are You?" chainthread. It was that time when Ponychan was actually the place where all the people - bronies or not - came to talk about their problems and be listened to, it was the place of true bronyism... and then suddenly /chat/ was merged with /oat/ and everything was destroyed. But even if it's dead right now, I think it was Ponychan and all those people who showed me what it actually means to be a brony.

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  • August 10, 2011: I checked what's new on YouTube and found that my subscription to the Know Your Meme channel had a new video (this one). And one of my friends on YouTube had liked the same day a PMV (this one), so my interest was sparked... but I still not started immediately to watch the show. A few days later I talked with one of my friends about various topics, and he mentioned that he watches the show and he really likes it. So I started the same evening watching the show, and got hooked instantly.

  • I just started watching it since first episode aired because i was bored and had a lot of free time, then it just started to get better and better.

  • Had a housemate mention it to me. At first, I was skeptical and thought he was a little bit crazier than I already knew he was. But then my other housemate accepted it, and I got intrigued. Decided to look it up, found out Lauren Faust was involved and, as a fan of PPG and Foster's, I thought I'd give it a try.

    But I thought I'd see how far I could push my housemate before he gave up. He didn't. Eventually I got bored and watched the first episode with him, which was pretty good. It pretty much spiraled out of control from there and now I'm here.

    ...and that's how Equestria was made.

    Artificial intelligence is no match for Natural stupidity.
  • I first became aware of it via Indy's avatar at the time, which was Dash laughing at Twilight's mane in ep 1. He said it was an awesome show, and I didn't say anything, but I was thinking "Riiiiiiiiiight. Uh-huh."

    Fast-forward about a month or two, and one dude in an entirely different community said, "Hey, has anyone seen this new My Little Pony show? It's actually pretty good." I found that too much of a coincidence, so I actually found this group, and clicked the link to the first episode. I was hooked.

  • I saw a lot of people with FIM avatars on sites I went to and knew a lot of guys liked the show. I started watching cause I wanted to know what the hype was about, pretty much. :) I haven't paid attention to MLP since I was a kid and watched the movie a lot on VHS and had a few of the original pony figures. But I got stuck on FIM more.

    I have a Rainbow Dash sticker on my work nametag and I hope one day a customer will comment on it. XD

    PS: I'm not sure if girls are considered bronys or not o.0 but this is how I started watching the show.

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    Csdtgreat and Synius, forced me into the show, originally didn't like it, now I love it and think its one of the best cartoons on tv.

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    • Out 31 2011, 16h37
    saw psg fanart with ponies
    wondered about ponies
    watched ponies

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    • Set 30 2014, 1h51
    I'm not sure if I can consider myself a "brony" for several reasons, but I can explain how I started to love this series. I've been a casual watcher for a little while now because of my younger siblings, and ever since then, I've enjoyed some of the songs on the soundtrack, especially "The Smile Song." Recently, I decided to listen to "This Day Aria" again, and thus I realized how marvelous it was to my years. Before then, I thought it was a good song but it never really blew me away. But now I just can't get enough of it.

    Anyways, that song inspired me to start watching the show, and now I think I'm in love. I haven't seen all of the episodes yet, but I'm sure I'll accomplish that soon.

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