• [song] Primordial - No Nation on the Earth

    Nov 27 2008, 12h57 por Erro-Silvae

    So you got To the Nameless Dead. You listened to it. You loved As Rome Burns and Heathen Tribes. And you forgot about Traitor's Gate.

    But what about the album closer? Do you remember that organic, melancholic, slighty downtempo song that's called No Nation on This Earth? With the slightly Drudkh-ish first riff and the almost final part? Can you remember? If you don't, listen to this now!
  • [review] Cruachan - The Morrigan's Call

    Nov 8 2007, 13h57 por Erro-Silvae

    Erro Silvae salutes you...

    Last year, legends Cruachan came back with their latest disc entitled The Morrigan's Call (which is definitely NOT called The Morrigan's Tale) which I couldn't really appreciate even though it was in my possession a few days after it's official release. Until now!

    As the album title suggests, this release is a little more dark and sinister than for example Pagan (which by the way deals with Irish/Celtic/Gaelic history). For Morrigan is the Gaelic goddess of war, the denizen of death, this album is about death. This doesn't mean that Cruachan stopped using their trademarked happy melodies in their music, but even their happy songs on this album, for example The Brown Bull of Cooley, are way more threatening than you would expect from such happy and innocent melodies (this song by the includes the famous melody you hear on Star of the County Down).

    Cruachan has also evolved musically as their riffs are much more haunting, their drums more technical and even the bass is interesting to follow! The traditional instruments should not be forgotten too as the band still knows how to fit them in their blackened metal. This is also the first time that Keith's and Karen's voices are pretty much equally evolved in the music. Both vocalists have improved their voices, which of course makes the music Cruachan makes more dynamic and touching.

    Discussing individual songs wouldn't do any good here as you can work that out perfectly on your own. But I have to say that I find the remake of the Irish traditional "The Very Wild Rover"The Very Wild Rover TOTALLY out of place on this album. It's definitely a fine song, well composed and perfectly fitted into the metal, but it would rather belong on an album like Pagan!

    But after all, Cruachan haven't really changed that much. They play their blacksy folk metal for five albums long and that's fine with me, for they perfectly know how to change their approach every release they make a little bit so it stays fresh and interesting. If you liked what Cruachan have done, also get this!
  • [review] Bathory - Blood Fire Death

    Nov 3 2007, 17h27 por Erro-Silvae

    Greetings to all who read my epic journal!

    I want to speak a bit about a fenomenal album we nowadays call Blood Fire Death, done by the legendarious Bathory. Obviously, most people that are truly familiar with metal already know Bathory and his really epic music, but one can't speak too many (good) words about Bathory.

    As the album opens with the opener Odens Ride Over Nordland you know that it won't be long before your dear eardrums will be pierced by walls of distortion and tortured screams, but surprisingly A Fine Day to Die starts of with atmospheric acoustic guitar and clean vocals.

    But then Hel breaks loose as Quorthon unleashes relentlessly brutal but in a subtle way melodic art in the form of the first really epic black metal song ever made. The song is truly emotional though still in no way cheesy. This is masterfully accomplished with brilliant guitar riffs and semi-melodic soloing as well as Bathory's intelligent yet brutal lyrics about Blood, Fire and Death.

    Most of the songs on Blood Fire Death are really thrashy but of course blackened using Bathory's extreme sounding guitar work and his screams. The songs in the middle of the album are not that monumental but there's something really amazing about them, and each of them has something truly unique and special that differs them from the rest of the album. Sometimes it's the lyrics, sometimes the subtle hints of melody, sometimes it's the crushing rhythm, but Bathory knows how to keep a 9 track long album amazing and definitely not boring.

    And then... The title track! Again featuring haunting clean vocals for an atmospheric effect and this time real epic melody this is a song that sticks to a metal mind. This is what Bathory is about: Criptic yet "catchy" lyrics and an epic sounding!

    Listening to this albums summons some memories to me about me roughly a year ago that somehow fit to the music perfectly. I love it. A lot!

    Aljosha F./Erro Silvae

    (Damn, I really need to practice my English. Blame me, if you dare!)
  • Finntroll

    Set 19 2007, 13h00 por Eifer_sucht

    Saw Finntroll at the Croc Rock in Allentown last night.
    God those warm-up bands sucked something awful. But besides them, what an amazing show. I was thrilled to find out that they were playing in the area and based on the performance last night, was extremely happy that I wasn't lazy, and didn't buy tickets. I recognized all of the songs, and a few of my favorites included,
    Slaget vid Blodsälv
    Jaktens Tid
    Sång(Back to back with Gryning, duh!)
    Korpens Saga(Played after Sång, duh!)
    En Mäktig Här
    This show gets an 11 out of 10.
    Finntroll is by far the greatest show I've ever been to thus far.
  • Korpiklaani, Turisas, Eluveitie, Finntroll and Maiden seen live!

    Jun 28 2007, 16h04 por Noise_Memories

    Fri 22 Jun – Graspop Metal Meeting 2007
    Yeah, Graspop is like a few days ago now, but I'm still thinking of it a lot *HAPPY MEMORIES*. Now that I'm ready with most of my tests of school, I can finally write a review (or something that looks like that^^). Well, here are the top concerts of the festival:

    1. Korpiklaani
    Not that I've seen many concerts, but this one was the best EVER! I had never seen them live, so I was really excited. I was standing (jumping, but whatever) in the front and the whole crowd was going crazy! They played Cottages and Saunas, Korpiklaani, Let's Drink, Beer Beer, Wooden Pints, Pellonpekko and HAPPY LITTLE BOOZER. Although the setlist was great, it was too bad they didn't play my favourite song Midsummer Night. Anyway, this was the party of the year! KLAAAANI!

    2. Turisas
    These guys looked so cool, just like real warriors! They played a few songs from the new album, To Holmgard and Beyond, Fields of Gold and Miklagard Overture at the end. And of course there was BATTLE METAL, and the drinking song One Moooore. "Deep inside, we all like DISCO!" and then they played some kind of really happy song. Does somebody know the name of that song? =) Well, I have a new favourite band here! Of course I liked them before Graspop, but now even more. ^^

    3. Eluveitie
    Folk - folk - folk! I loooove folk. And Eluveitie were great as well! I think they are not very well-known, but there were enough fans. Your Gaulish War, Tegernako, Of Fire, Wind & Wisdom... Even a new song from next December's album. They would play 35 minutes, but I think it was a bit longer, fortunately! Only the instruments weren't loud enough (especially the folky ones), but it didn't annoy me. Go Eluveitie!

    4. Finntroll
    And it was time for some trollish music! FINNTROLL! They started with a very beautifull intro, and then I recognised some songs from the new album. Sang, Ormhaxan and of course they played TROLLHAMMAREN, the happiest song of all. ^^ Loved this concert as well!

    5. Iron Maiden
    Well, I like Maiden, nothing more. But this concert was truly amazing! Everywhere around me I saw Maiden fans singing along. Fear of the Dark was my favourite! They played a lot of new songs, but also the classics like The Number of the Beast, Run to the Hills, The Evil That Men Do and 2 Minutes to Midnight!

    Blind Guardian were the best of Friday, I like their epicness.
    Amorphis were nice too, I recognised some songs of their latest album.
    I saw Moonsorrow for the last ten minutes, and I'm sure I'll download some more stuff of them.
    Epica was the first band I saw at Graspop, it sounded good.
    HammerFall sounded cool, Let the Hammer Fall!
    I enjoyed Pain of Salvation with their song Disco Queen. LET'S DISCO!
    I heard some Sirenia when I was sitting outside, they played Sister Nightfall and that was the song I wanted to hear.
    Aerosmith were so awesome! Heard some good old hits.
    Dimmu Borgir weren't that bad to watch to for 20 minutes.
    Within Temptation played a lot of their Dutch hits, and they sounded okay.
    I was walking around, and Less Than Jake and Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies sounded very happy. =)
    I also heard some Cannibal Corpse while eating.

    Children of Bodom, I used to like that band a lot. They played some songs I enjoyed (Needle 24/7, Mask of Sanity, Hate Me!), but there was one thing I didn't like AT ALL. May that 'thing' be handsome or not, Alexi Laiho was just fucking annoying. No, you're not cool. :/
    I don't think I have to say anything about Korn. I was lying on the ground and some fan behind me was singing all the songs along, I feel so sorry for that girl.
    I heard Slayer when we went home again, and unfortunately I missed Amon Amarth (because I had two tests the next day :/).

    So this was my first time of Graspop! I hope there will be a second time too!

  • Graspop 2007

    Mai 17 2007, 15h17 por Noise_Memories

  • Free folk/viking metal demos&full albums

    Abr 26 2007, 17h00 por noexcusetolive

    From (TAG) Free mp3: folk influenced metal

    From external sites:

    1.Bergtagen - Official Myspace - Download page

    2.Fejd is rather folk/folk rock,but without doubt great band - Official Website

    3.Falls of Rauros - Myspace - Downloads: Into the Archaic (Full length, 2006)
    Stone and the Stars in the Sky(demo, 2007)

    4.Irminsul - Official Website - Download page

    5.Nattsmyg - Official Website - Download page

    6.Oskoreien -
    Official Myspace - Download page

    7.Paladran -
    Official Website - Download page

    8.RadogosT - Official Website - Download page

    9.Svartby - Official Website - Download page

    Please contribute to the list if you know more bands that sharing their music for free, as well using a tag above.

    Last update: 09.08.07
  • "Wintersun - Time" delayed, AGAIN!

    Abr 17 2007, 16h10 por T_S_M

    Fucking hell, the irony of how much time it's taking Time to come out is no longer funny, this is just plain fucking annoying.

    The mix has been cancelled and the release of "Time" is delayed even more. I´m sorry to disappoint everyone...again, but the album is not gonna be released this year. And unfortunately Nino has the Sonic Pump Studios booked full for this year, so we might have to think of something else.

    Reason for this delay is that, I´ve set the bar really high on this album, but my equipment aren´t even close what I need to work faster. I have to push the gear what I have to the limits to get the best out of them and I have to do a LOT of workarounds which is very time consuming. Then all the thousand technical problems added into the mix isn´t helping. Basically every piece of gear has been broken at one time or another during the making of this album, feels like there´s a curse. Takes ages to solve the problems and send the stuff back and forth making the warranty changes. All this has made me very frustrated and un-inspired. Hasn´t helped with my stress about the deadlines either, slowing me even more. I work the best when I´m happy and lots of times I haven´t been. It´s been the most difficult record to make in my life. The album is very huge, I don´t know if it´s gonna fit even in the 74 minutes of a CD. The track count is very high, about 200 tracks per song. So it´s almost like two albums in one (or three Slayer albums :P). But I´m gonna finish this, no matter what.

    Now some update of the album progress: All the drums, bass and all guitars (rhythms/melodys/solos and acoustics) has been recorded (probably some add ons will be recorded when the synths and vocals are done). Then I´ve pretty much finished with the intro, that I´ve decided to include on the album. Really atmospheric and huge with some magical Japanese influences. I´ve also started to compose and arrange the synths. I´m trying to avoid the basic (and boring) layering chord stuff and create something really cool to boost the magic of the songs into new dimensions. I haven´t been able to start singing yet, because my preamp and mike "died", but hopefully soon I can. There´s been a demand to know what is going on, so there we have it. Unfortunately the news ain´t always good.

    I wish you all a great summer! (But sadly, it´s gonna be a Wintersunless summer).


    Taken from

    I get that he wants to make the best album he can and push himself and his gear to it's limits to produce high quality music rather then just churn out a shitty sub-par album, but for fuck sake, I want my music and I wanted it months ago! The first Wintersun was really great, with all the delays on this one, it's going to want to really be something above and beyond
  • To be an Emo: Wear black and cry lots.

    Nov 6 2006, 9h46 por bandit_bilba

    My Mum saw this in the Hawkes Bay Today: 48 hours (Nov 4 2006) and she thought I might like this.
    Credits to Roger Moroney for his studies on the Emo kids of Hawkes Bay.

    To be an Emo: Wear black and cry lots

    Being sensitive isn't enough; true Emos are going further into the bleak.

    Just when you think you have mastered all the derogatory names a schoolgirl can holler across Emerson Street, those darn teenagers came up with something else.
    "He's such an Emo!"
    If you are to understand what it is the teens are waxing lyrical about outside Farmers this weekend it's important to know exactly who this term implies.
    An Emo is not a long-legged bird. That's an emu.
    An Emo is also not a bright red giggling Sesame Street character. That's an Elmo.
    Nor is an Emo an orange tropical fish looking for it's home. That's Nemo.
    An Emo is the term used to describe those white kids who come from perfectly normal suburban families but manage to find a reason to think about slitting their wrists.
    Emos, short for "emotional hardcores", despair as they listen to music about love lost and the inability to cope. They are obsessed with death and their girlfriends and do their darndest to look different only to end up looking like clones of each other.
    They sit in groups in the middle of town but barely talk to each other. Sometimes they sit on their own staring at the ground with iPod in ear.
    Emos cry a lot. They cry when they can't find a girlfriend. They cry because they are so in love.
    They cry when they think their girlfriends are going to dump them.
    They cry when their girlfriends realise this wasn't what they had in mind when they said they wanted a sensitive guy and end up dumping their whiney arses.
    They moan on their MySpace pages about how cruel their privileged lives are and post photographs of themselves pouting from behind their scruffy angled fringes.
    They enjoy being depressed and wouldn't be caught dead laughing in public.
    Their only passion is music. Bands like Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco with song titles such as My Heart is the Worst Kind of Weapon and The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage.
    But the favourite band of the true Emo is My Chemical Romance.
    The American band's music chronicles lead singer Gerard Way's battle with depression, alcoholism, prescription drug abuse and obsession with death. Their hit song Helena is Way's account of his grandmother's death and their new album Welcome to the Black Parade is focused around a character called "The Patient" and how death comes to him.
    The Patient dies of cancer, hence song titles Cancer, Dead, and This is How I Disappear.
    Way cut his hair short and bleached it white to resemble a man who has undergone chemotherapy for the release of the album.
    Is it any wonder Emos are so depressed?

    How to look like an Emo:
    • Hair: Always black, always greasy, with a fringe that preferably slants so it covers one eye. The key is to make it look like you have cut your hair in a depressive state. Girls should have red chunks through theirs.
    • Accessories: Black-framed nerd glasses, labret piercings, studded belts, scarves (even in summer).
    • Clothes: Band tees, stovepipe jeans so tight that make it difficult to walk and Chuck Taylors.
    • Make-up: Pale skin with heavy eyeliner, heavy eyeshadow and black nail polish. That goes for boys and girls.
    • Other tips: Develop an eating disorder. Stare at concrete as you listen to introspective, brooding songs on your iPod outside popular shops on the main street. Fall in love easy and cry a lot. It doesn't matter if it smudges your eyeliner.