• Low Art, High Noise - WBNY 91.3fm 6/25 Playlist

    Jun 26 2010, 8h43 por squidexplosion


    7% Solution - All About Satellites & Spaceships
    LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls
    The Fall - Pat Trip Dispenser
    Dream Syndicate - Until Lately
    Talking Heads - I'm Not In Love
    Radio Birdman - Descent in the Maelstrom
    Swell Maps - Loin of the Surf
    The Gordons - Future Shock
    Teenage Jesus & The Jerks - The Closet


    New Order - Mesh
    New Order - ICB
    Sonic Youth - Kill Yr Idols (Live)
    Magazine - Because Your Frightened
    Tuxedomoon - Desire
    Scraping Foetus Off the Wheel - The Only Good Christian is Dead
    Devo - Fountain of Filth
    Devo - Don't Shoot (I'm a Man)
    The Jazz Butcher - Roadrunner
    Jonathan Richman - New Teller
    The Bats - Under the Law
    Lilys - The First Half Second
    Comet Gain - Just One More Summer Before I Go


    June Brides - No Place Called Home
    House of Love - The Hill
    The Halo Benders - Your Asterisk
    The Go-Betweens - Near the Chimney
    The Verlaines - Just Mum
    The Triffids - A Place in the Sun
    Superchunk - Screw It Up
    Rollerskate Skinny - Bring On Stigmata
    The Great Unwashed - Thru the Trees
    Animal Collective - Bees
    Eno - The Great Pretender
    Echo & the Bunnymen - The Yo-Yo Man
    Radio Berlin - Kill the Moment
    Lou Reed - Perfect Day
    Robyn Hitchcock - Goodnight Oslo (Live)

    And a little after...

    Negativland - Time Zones
    Silver Apples - Program
  • Low Art, High Noise - WBNY 91.3fm 6/25 - 8pm-11pm?

    Jun 22 2010, 22h27 por squidexplosion

    Time for radio fun! I will be filling in for DJ Leah this week on 91.3fm WBNY. There will be sounds, sounds and music. Or not. You can listen online at Enjoy!
  • The Clean in Amsterdam at Paradiso

    Mai 22 2010, 21h59 por likeahurricane1

    Sat 22 May – The Clean

    The legendary band from New Zealand, The Clean is finally playing in Holland. After more than 20 years waiting the three band members are programmed at the Paradiso in the small venue. They are the founders of the kiwi sound of the Flying Nun label. I'm following this band since 1986, so it that was a long time waiting for finally seeing them live.

    They played a lot of songs in very short time (1 hour and 15 minutes). It was still early saturday evening, but they enjoyed playing. Lots of oldies from their first records.

    The setlist:


    Hold Onto the Rail
    Anything Could Happen

    Asleep in the Tunnel

    Side on
    Point That Thing Somewhere Else

    Whatever I Do Is Right / Outside the Cage

    At the Bottom

    Getting Older

    In The Dreamlife U Need A Rubber Soul
    Drawing to a Whole

    Quick step

    Oddity / Tally Ho
  • Marquis cha cha! Back to the radio: WBNY Sept 4th, 2009 5-8pm EST

    Ago 27 2009, 23h54 por squidexplosion

    Ah ha,

    I will be returning to 19.3fm WBNY on Friday September 4th, 2009 from 5-8pm EST. What will I play....oh just look @ my list here for an idea (or the previous playlists as well). So antipodean lofi punk rock love and stuff will abound. The Chills, The Fall, Pumice, The Go-Betweens, et al. Plus new material from the Verlaines and No Through Road. It will be a mix of goodness and weirdness, and possibly, just possibly there will be some audio experiments of a highly dangerous nature. Maybe not. Either way, please have a listen.

    Friends in foreign lands or cities you can always listen online at

    Rock, rock on.
    "So what if I do propaganda?" - M.E.S
  • Click Here To Download Compilations of Rare 70s/80s Power Pop/Mod/Pop Punk!

    Ago 25 2009, 1h26 por ryeriver

    A while ago, I made a series of 7 compilations for a music website entitled "Rotten Candy: The Best of Rare Power Pop, Mod and Pop Punk." They're filled with killer songs from the late 70s and early 80s. I can't believe that none of these songs wound up being hits. People seemed to really dig them, so check them out:

  • It's that time of year again...Time to stay up late! RADIO RADIO RADIO 4/25/09…

    Abr 22 2009, 20h42 por squidexplosion

    Alumni week is fast approaching, sooo damn fast that I have now forgotten and been reminded of it about 15 million times now.

    Anyhow, this means I will return to my old haunt and spin a radio show this coming Saturday morning, 4/25 from 4 in the morning til 6am. I know this will be more convenient for friends in foreign lands where it will not be an ungodly time of the morning but still...If I can make it, so can you. Sleep is overrated, so if you are awake and by a computer please tune in at


    What will I play? Stuff and or things. Probably, new-ish material from The Bats, stuff from the Triffids, Go-Betweens, The Fall, etc (i.e. check out my fav artists here to get an idea)...Plus Hunter S. Thompson will return from the dead and answer the most important question of our times. Seriously.

    Rock, rock on.
  • Headless Chickens @ the Powerstation, Auckland, 28th Nov. 2008

    Nov 29 2008, 8h07 por Bloopy

    Headless Chickens are one of few bands I've been listening to consistently for over 10 years, but they split up long before I started going to gigs. I first heard them when Secondtime Virgin was on the radio. Their music has transcended easily over different genres; avant-garde, ambient, industrial, pop and rock, all the while remaining distinctly Headless Chickens. The common factors are the haunting melodies, gothic mood and weird noises. It's something like what you might get if you crossed Björk with Killing Joke.

    So the news of a reunion was something I had been hoping for for a while. Safe to say that it was my most anticipated gig thus far. I'd been listening to lots of Headless Chickens all week, as well as the solo albums of Fiona and Chris. I don't think there are many things better than being up close to the stage for a set of favourite songs coming from a favourite band I'd never seen before. One of the first things I did upon arrival was to make sure I got myself decked out in a Headless Chickens t-shirt.

    Codeine Like Candy were up first, while the floor was still relatively empty. I'd heard a few of their songs before so it was good to see them. Rather good for gothic trip-hop kinda stuff, but not something I'm really into.

    Brand New Math were next, an indie pop/rock act, something which I'm even less into. Kind of entertaining anyway, with some squealy vocals and pounding drumming.

    The floor started to fill up for Headless Chickens. They opened with their longest song, Ghost of Some Cold Street, which was a great way to ease into the set. It was accompanied by an enthusiastic drunk bald man in the audience yelling loudly and thrusting his fist at the band. Donka was next, and at this point Fiona joined the rest of the band on stage. Luckily the band got louder and the bald man had quietened down a bit. Fiona politely disappeared off again for a couple of the Stunt Clown songs, Monkey Jar and Totalling Dad's Car I think. There was a cowbell mounted on a stand but I don't think anybody played it.

    The band couldn't have sounded better. Probably the best sound I have heard at the Powerstation. Some interesting text I found on getting these tunes together has been an interesting task for the band's in-house archivists. Using what was advanced technology at the time they wrote these songs has almost proved a stumbling block for the Chickens in their quest to recreate their sound.

    But resorting to all sorts of trickery - including the application of CRC 5.56 aerosol lubricant to 2 and 8-track tapes that have been baked in a temperature controlled oven for 24 hours, retrieving computer data dumped from actual floppy discs, resurrecting old drum machines and EMU samplers - has resulted in the perfect recreation of the Chickens of old for what promises to be an incredible show.
    The show was like one big highlight for me, although a couple of moments stood out: Anthony singing Donde Esta la Pollo and Fiona singing Untitled. I made sure the bald man was yelling again when we were waiting for the band to come back out for an encore.

    Here's my best attempt to remember the setlist. Correct me if you can!

    Ghost Of Some Cold Street
    Railway Surfing
    Cruise Control
    Mr Moon
    Monkey Jar
    Million Dollar Dream
    Totalling Dad's Car
    Donde Esta La Pollo

    Do The Headless Chicken
    Dark Angel
    Expecting To Fly

    The set ended with repeated singing of the line "leave that chicken alone", from Agitopop. I would've really liked to hear Nose or Inside Track or especially a couple more tracks from Greedy, but I can't complain, as it was a perfectly epic show. It's a shame I won't be able to make it to see them at the Big Day Out.
  • The Clean - Mashed and More

    Jul 14 2008, 10h27 por Archhill

    The Clean

    Arch Hill Recordings

    Fans of one of New Zealand’s most influential bands – The Clean - are in for a double treat over the next few months. First up on 30th of June 2008, Arch Hill will be releasing a live album called “Mashed” featuring cuts taken from their March 07 New Zealand tour. Several thousand keen cleaners attended these shows and everyone will have their favorite memory. Ours is a toss up between the almost riot-like stage invading conditions at the Leigh Sawmill Café (with David soloing under the grand piano) and the Spinal Tap wig fest at Russel Brown’s asperger’s fundraiser. Tough call – but they sounded great. Either way, we can all now enjoy David’s reverberant guitar echoing above the furious and distinctive rhythm section of brother Hamish and bassman Bob. The album was recorded and mixed by the very talented Tex Houston and contains classics like Point That Thing and Anything Could Happen, along with a new song and a surprise cover.

    And speaking of new songs, you can also expect a new studio album from the Clean soon also on Arch Hill. This was recorded in New York - where Hamish lives and the band recently played a series of sold out shows – and Dunedin when the band reunited to play at The Big Day out earlier this year.

    And in David Kilgour solo news, he will be playing in Los Angeles on the 28th August as part of the Dont Knock The Rock Film & Music Festival where the Kilgour documentary Far Off Town is screening followed by a performance by David and a talk by co-director Bridget Sutherland. Extra California gigs may be added.

    David Kilgour will also be playing a solo set opening for Samuel Flynn Scott and the BOP on the 20th of July at the Backstage in Dunedin
  • On air tomorrow, July 3rd, 5-8pm (EST) - 91.3fm WBNY, Buffalo NY

    Jul 3 2008, 19h42 por squidexplosion

    Just a reminder I will be demonstrating my spinning (ha, ha) skills on the radio tomorrow. Feel free to listen online at:

    Generally speaking if you like the artists listed in my playlists here you should (hopefully) enjoy the things I will be playing.

    Good times, or not.

  • Some reviews for No Love No Hate

    Dez 16 2007, 8h44 por thedarkbeaks

    Dusted Reviews
    Artist: The Puddle Album: No Love No Hate

    New Zealand’s Flying Nun imprint had a two-tiered system: the groups that should, and the groups that won’t. Graeme Jefferies once confided he called it the “colour cover” vs. the “black and white cover” binary. Looking at the inner tray card collage on The Puddle’s No Love No Hate, three of their four Flying Nun records – Pop Lib, Live At The Teddy Bear Club and the “Thursday” 7” – sit proudly in black-and-white sleeves; Into The Moon’s red, blue and yellow is so arbitrary it might as well be greyscale. They were one of the “groups that won’t” – and yet George Henderson, Puddle founder and leader for over two decades, has displayed remarkable resilience where many of his peers have fallen by the wayside.

    Henderson’s often painted as New Zealand’s Syd Barrett. It’s a title he’s shared (wrongly in both cases) with his good friend Alastair Galbraith – the mantle’s also been passed on to Peter Gutteridge on occasion. If the audio evidence was stacked for the Barrett argument on Pop Lib and Into The Moon – stumbling performances, drenched in tape hiss, that slowly yield pop masterpieces – then No Love No Hate is Henderson’s great leap forward. This shockingly confident album retains The Puddle’s idiosyncratic character without Henderson trading in a jot of his mastery of pop form.

    Henderson’s songs are colloquial by design; they could only have come from New Zealand’s South Island, even as they admit to worldly concerns. On No Love No Hate, Henderson mostly hymns the vicissitudes of romance, in an unaffectedly literate style made natural by Henderson’s off-hand, borderline droll delivery. He could also double as an essayist on making stylistic traits subservient to the tenor of individual songs: Opener “No Sequels” chimes in with a clanging guitar sound that’s pure Kilgour-meets-Byrds; on “Hudibras,” Henderson remakes himself as a ’70s singer-songwriter at the piano.

    I’ve heard mention in the past of George Henderson’s dark years – years lost to whatever problems or issues he was struggling with. I don’t know if that’s pure hagiography and I don’t feel it’s my place to ask, but if it is the case, then on the evidence of No Love No Hate, Henderson’s jumped out of the abyss and found purpose again. Let’s just hope this is one volley in many to come.By Jon Dale - Review date: Nov. 12, 2007

    The Puddle No Love – No Hate (Fishrider Records)
    * * * *
    George D. Henderson is easily one of NZ music’s most elusive and enjoyable talents. Since starting the Puddle in 1984(!) he’s since only released 3 albums of their beautifully shambling and clever guitar-pop, as well as moonlighting with pioneering electronic dreamsters Mink. No Love – No Hate is a really neat collection of solo recordings recorded in the downtime after putting together the full band’s upcoming rock stormer Playboys in the Bush. Packed full of laid back catchiness and super-smart lyrical wordplay, it’s a worthy addition to The Puddle’s minimal back catalogue. Henderson’s singing is a treat for ears; he’s got a distinctive warble to his voice and confident command of his song-writing craft. The only other Antipodean I can think of who gives a similar cosmopolitan late-night pop vibe is Dean Wareham of Luna fame. The musicianship (by Henderson with Mink) is superb and slightly off-kilter, angular guitar work and piano pokes out and pulls the listener into these easygoing hits. I really like this album, particularly the track The Sorry Bus. A fantastic teaser release for Playboys in the Bush. -Chris Cudby (Real Groove Magazine, December issue)