Your music taste

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    • Mai 15 2009, 1h39

    Your music taste

    This topic has been done to death on several groups, and the charts show everyone's tastes anyway, but I figured it would be nice to have some conversation in this group, and the collective taste of groups tends to vary.

    What is your favourite type of music? What genres do you prefer? What do you look for in music?

    Electronic music is the most interesting to me. Some genres that stand out to me include drum & bass, psytrance, and ambient. I also like certain types of metal, most notably industrial metal.

    For music to really "grab" me, things such as strong use of electronics, catchy rhythms, nice melodies/atmosphere, technical proficiency, and good lyrics/vocals (or none) are a must. I like genre blending in particular, such as electronic/metal, and I'm always looking for new music. Listening to the same stuff all the time would bore the hell out of me.

  • My background from 14 or so onwards is mostly metal with a bit of other stuff thrown in (Jamiroquai, Coldplay...) However in the last 2-3 years my music taste has become more and more electronic orientated.

    I love music that crosses genres something that Pitchshifter really introduced me to, very rarely listen to 'pure' metal now but I love it when mixed with Industrial/electronic or other genres.

    I love really strong vocals that I can sing along to, I like the occasional band with shouty vocals but clean vocals are much more my thing.

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    • Jul 5 2009, 4h14
    My father is a classically trained musician that teaches people to sing. I grew up listening to and being influenced by many different artists. I have seen Operas, Musicals, been in both as a small child. Possibly that is why my own tastes are so varied and incorporate so many different genres of music.

    I can go from classical/metal sound like Apocalyptica to the angry deep bass sound of aggrotech like Combichrist in a matter of songs. Then to the story telling electronic songs of Mind.In.A.Box then to total rock music of Alice in Chains.

    Someone even asked me once if my musical taste was bi-polar.

    Lately it is electronic music with a deep bass/synth beat that I like. Then there is a new find that I like as well, Psytrance. I love Industrial music..the influence of rock/metal/electronic and the incredible sounds incorporated into the genre make it one of my favorites.

    To me the lyrics and the emotional influence behind the song are very important. A good example is Delta-S. To me music expresses what can not be put into words and cannot remain silent.

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    • Jul 28 2010, 2h49
    Well for me this is the first time to actually think about it.Here taste waries like food for the poor.I like to listen anything that can help me survive the day i gues.Oomph i like the most,every song,hard rock,punk,many over years.
    There is a time and place for everything,both good and bad.Like to remeber good stuff,music is one of them.

    Reason not to search the damnation around, pain and illusions in the dark, when face with mirror eyes burn in shadows of the stairs searching for nothing less and inside the gut of your own ring. Band of gold that is harder than shackles of titan, on skin burning flesh, bone and soul.Freedom to choose, freedom to die, freedom to be...
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