international net-label -- free music + itunes (electronic/idm/post-pop/glitch)

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    • Mar 22 2007, 3h09

    international net-label -- free music + itunes (electronic/idm/post-pop/glitch)


    gzr005: [Digita'lis/Phlox - the drummondii days] is now free to download! 9 tracks including a remix by The Flashbulb and our take on something called "The P1 Project"

    gzr003: [RENEGADE ANDROiD - the brilliant opus of nothing] and gzr004: [Pear Eyes - self-titled] are coming very soon! we're working hard on these albums! both will be available with iTunes and on CDR format. full previews available, more here:

    gzr001: [renegade android - This is my Manager] and gzr002: [unseelie - Polly Lop] are now available internationally with iTunes!

    Please help spread the word! We sincerely appreciate being scrobbled and tagged on lastFM!

    We thank you for your support!

    -Jen & Shawn

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