Eagles Cd promotion

  • Eagles Cd promotion

    Eagles’ ‘Long Road Out of Eden ’, with 20 new studio tracks, is coming out on October 30th. From what I hear, the album features some of the best vocal harmonies, instrumentation, and lyrical imagery that the band has recorded. ‘How Long’ sounds fantastic – it’s always been a brilliant song, and the band’s take on it magnifies its emotional impact. Joe Walsh has said that the band has progressed and explored some new territory, and that the album is some of the most unique music he’s ever been a part of. I’m confident that ‘Long Road Out of Eden ’ will blow everyone away. In fact, I just preordered a copy of it through the band’s preorder website – check it out here: http://www.musictoday.com/redirect/bounce.asp?cid=23378. It’s available as a 2-CD set, or as a digital download. A free instant download of ‘How Long’ comes with each preorder, and an exclusive t shirt is available for purchase with the preorder. I highly suggest checking the preorder out

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