First ECM

  • First ECM

    What was the first ECM recording you ever heard and/or purchased? Here is mine...

  • Ralph Towner: Diary

    1978 I was fifteen, hated jazz, loved progressive rock. Came home from school to find that my brother had bought a new lp. Ralph Towner: Diary, with a minimalistic cover photo. Light blue sky, dark blue ocean, nothing more.
    I put the first side on, listened to the whole first side, and thought "What boring music is this?". I didn't care to listen to the second side.
    In the evening when my brother was home, he was in the basement at the stereo, while I was on the ground floor looking at television. I heard some music quiet in the background from the basement and thought it sounded interesting. I went down to him and asked about it and found out it was the same record that I had considered boring.
    The track was "The Silence of a Candle". I heard the whole track and found it was good. After many listenings the next day I went absolutely high on that piece. It played in my head for several whole schooldays.
    I learned to like the other tracks too, especially Ogden Road and Icarus. Later the others as well.
    This was my first entry into jazz, and I'm grateful for that ticket into the jazz world of experience.

    Link: Diary

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mar 3 2010, 0h01

    Keith Jarrett - The Köln Concert

    Changed my life...

  • John Abercrombie - Timeless

    Love this album so much--perfection!

    • monnargh disse...
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    • Abr 6 2010, 19h53

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mai 23 2010, 21h53

    Keith Jarrett - The Köln Concert

    I am a writer and journalist. Once, i wrote an article and listen to some unknon music. Then my wife come in and asked me, what strange music I hear and why I am beating such a strange rhythms on my typewriter :-) At this moment I realized, I've got hypnotized from Keith. It was the beginning of a wonderful friendship ...

    • thagor22 disse...
    • Assinante
    • Jan 9 2011, 21h44
  • Keith Jarrett: The Köln Concert and The Nude Ants.
    Thanks, Miriam!

  • Keith Jarrett: The Köln Concert and The Nude Ants.
    Thanks, Miriam!

  • Keith Jarrett - Belonging.

  • Acho que já respondi... :-)

  • :-))

    • Timo_M disse...
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    • Mar 2 2013, 13h46
    The first ECM I heard was..

    Return To Forever

    ..and it is still amazing.

    • kathaar disse...
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    • Mai 7 2013, 18h27

    first ECM record was,

    Keith Jarrett - The Survivors’ Suite

    blown away by this album..

  • Shankar - Vision. The next day bought Song for Everyone.

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