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  • Bizzybass recordings

    Hi Just thought i'd let you know about our new label BizzyBass recordings.

    Our first release is out now and can be found


    Response -

    No messing with BZB001 as Philbee brings the dirt,Rolling drums an an errie string line brings the track in with dark touches and stabs that cut right through you.At the drop the dirty bass cuts the track to bits with a pure head nodder vibe and twists and cuts to smash the dancefloor....Dirty

    I.C.U -

    Huge breaks and rolls bring icu into the game,but my god when that drop comes calling a pure energy fuelled banger smashes you square in the jaw.Rolling out neatly to the break then its all about the second drop,Booooom,One the the bassheads.

    Hope you like it and bzb002 is out soon over at

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