What is your favoirit thing about the Dominican Republic?

  • What is your favoirit thing about the Dominican Republic?

    Me hace falta a no estar en El Paiz que quiero tanto!

    For me the Very best thing about the Dominican Republic is the People!!! Not only are the woman wonderful to look at but the true character of the country is the openness, friendliness and caring people in the Dominican Republic have for on another. No other people are so willing to go out of their way to help others. That, my friends, is a true mark of character.

    Ill give you an example, My new bride and I were leaving the Capital, Santo Domingo and our silly car ran out of gas. Mi Esposa was freaking out-concerned that we would be stranded and out of luck. I reashured her that within five minutes someone would stop and help us. It only took TWO minutes! and we the car was pushed to the nearest gas station.

    People make up any culture, but what else about the Dominican Republic hold fast to your heart?

    - Play Hard
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