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Líder: Trzajsk
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Criado em: 6 Set 2009
For people mesmerised by Music of french ChirurSicien- Doctor Flake. Join !


TAGS: trip-hop_abstract hip hop_experimental_french

March 2009: Minder SURPRISES (New Deal / Differ-ant)

September 2007 : Escape Lane Doctor FLAKE remix Ep 3x2 (Blog up musique / Pias)

January 2007 : Paradis Dirtyficiels (New Deal / Differ-ant)

March 2005 : [Intervention Chirursicale (New Deal / Differ-ant)

Doctor FLAKE is a French producer and composer
evolving in the Hip Hop/Abstract/Trip Hop styles like a kind of a

musical surgeon,
a medical expert of musical cutting.

His production started in 2001
by developing his own mainly instrumental musical universe
based on already existing materials.
These various extracts are then thoroughly and accurately
dismembered and dissected before being
reassembled and rearranged to create a new living track.
While sampling hidden nuggets he exhumed from dubious forgotten EPs,
Doctor FLAKE carries out a both
obscure and dazzling sound, combining mental illness
and repressed rage to result in a literally picturesque way.

Doctor Flake can play Live or Dj , Live is composed of Doctor Flake (Laptop, keyboard, sampler, effects)
Vale Poher (vocals, guitar) Miscellaneous (Mc/Vocals) and Visual stories.

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