[Review] Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire - Visceral

  • [Review] Clinging to the Trees of a Forest Fire - Visceral

    Clinging To The Trees of a Forest Fire - Visceral

    I'm a fan of that band ever since the old days on Debello Recordings, does someone even still remind that label?! Their DIY debut EP and especially their first full length Omega Drunk on the Blood of Alpha really struck me back then. They got signed by Prosthetic Records in the meantime and released another solid full length album.

    A while ago there was a post on Metalsucks, featuring a brand new CTTTOAFF song and it blew me away like nothing else these guys have released before. Lower Than Life, High As The Sky was such a nasty tune, so fierce, grim and raging, I couldn't stop streaming it numerous times in a row and was psyched for the new stuff to come out. And now, here it is! The Visceral recording sessions are split up into two releases, being the Visceral 10" EP and a split 12" w/ Frenchmen Nesseria (Review coming soon), which is available for pre-order and free download through Throatruiner Records.

    The 10" starts off with the mentioned Lower Than Life, High As The Sky and continues its brutal campaign of what CTTTOAFF fittingly call Funeral Grind with 4 more relentless and destructive songs. Their mish mash of faster paced Grindcore and überheavy Sludge is super discordant at all times (hell yeah!). You'll actually have to struggle to find the slightest non-dissonant chord, harmony or even melody here, which makes this band perfectly suitable for our new group, right? ;) The songs in between the opening track and the closer Asthmatic are a little faster paced and shorter, but that last track is more drawn out and diverse, with a lot of ups and downs. It builds up a very dense and gloomy vibe, before collapsing into the fiercest possible melodies. And I can't help but listen to the whole thing over and over again.

    Clinging To The Trees of a Forest Fire are really exceeding some limits here, which most people won't deem joyful or even listenable, but hell, I can't get enough of this!!! These guys manage to play stuff that hurts really bad, but they put it into songs with a vibe that's thrilling and fascinating. Bottom line: Visceral surely is one of the best extreme releases in 2011. Get it!!!

  • I feel like this band have the potential to release a really killer album somewhere inside them. Hopefully it'll be the next one, Visceral is definitely promising.

    • lordkill disse...
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    • Ago 2 2011, 12h09

    this release re-ignited my fire for dissonant/grim/chaotic-tunes. i wasn't into that stuff for a while (besides the mighty Ion Dissonance, The Armed and Kiss It Goodbye), but the beast CTTTOAFF created, is such a grim, hateful, and for most people unlistenable soundtrack, that reminds me why i love that kind of stuff.

    the vibe the record creates, the raw, pissed-off energy, the sound of that hate-machine, is a perfect start to re-boot my love for this kind of music.

    bottom line: this release is one of the best in 2011.
    everyone who is into extreme music should check it out and should worship it!

    thanks to CTTTOAFF for that!
    and thedailygrind ;)

  • Hell yes. I'm still listening to "Songs of Ill Hope and Desperation!" Thanks for throwing this up; I know what I'll be listening to tonight.

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