[Review] Black Sheep Wall - No Matter Where it Ends

  • [Review] Black Sheep Wall - No Matter Where it Ends

    Black Sheep Wall - No Matter Where It Ends

    I still remember when I Am God Songs came out in 2008 and how it caused quite a buzz in the underground. Although their music was something, I should have been digging, as they were mashing up Sludge (at a time I still cared about Sludge) with a ceratin Will Haven-influence, I wasn't completely sold. I didn't bond with the album. A lot of time has passed and Black Sheep Wall are back with a release on Season of Mist, and with a new line up, including Noriega's singer. Another band that was part of that collective were Admiral Angry and in some way, and you can still hear how they all influenced each other a bit.

    With this new line up, Black Sheep Wall have created an album that can most definitely be considered as the strongest out of that collective of bands. While the Will Haven-influence is reduced to a minimum, they are sludgier than ever before and that brings up Northless to my mind every now and then. No Matter Where It Ends is mostly slow, dirty and painful. The vocals are all lower pitched and I like that a lot more. There isn't much variety on this album, but in this case I find this to be a good thing, because it definitely helps with the desolate intensity. Black Sheep Wall take no prisoners and just slowly grind through this huge and raw monolith of a record. It's hard to pick out highlights, but if I had to I'd go for Torrential with its very memorable main riff.

    There really isn't much more I can say about No Matter Where It Ends, other than the fact that it's great. It's one of a very few Sludge records I was able to get into in forever, besides Clandestine Abuse from the above mentioned Northless. What do they have in common? Both have the intensity and vibe it needs to make this type of music exciting, which - to me - is rare in Sludge nowadays. Check it out!

  • Thanks for the review! For years I was convinced they quit or something. Found them through Myspace back in the day. They remind me of Deftones & Meshuggah having a sludge child.

    • KMFCM disse...
    • Usuário
    • Abr 3 2012, 18h13
    Completely disappointed.

    Only dug the last two songs.

    "i'm looking over your shoulder, but only because I've got your back" - Stephen Colbert
  • I discovered this band at the beginning of this year. At this time, they only had one album and that was from 2008. So I thought, nah, this band is already dead, so I was really surprised when I found out about a new release. I love their first album and that they changed almost every bandmember gives me the creeps. I haven't foud the time to check their new output, but I hope they can keep up with their first album, otherwise I will be disappointed.

  • the worst offering in 2012 so far. sorry to say this but this record has almost bored me to death.

  • I was almost sure that fans of the first album would be disappointed with this.

    standard_user said:
    the worst offering in 2012 so far. sorry to say this but this record has almost bored me to death.
    I'd say that about 90% of the Sludge releases I checked out through the last few years, that genre usually bores me to death in general. That album seems to have something that really catches me, though.

  • i'll better wait for the new 16 and EHG

  • standard_user said:
    Can't wait for that either.

    • supostat disse...
    • Usuário
    • Abr 9 2012, 13h48
    Gotta concur: I'm thoroughly unimpressed with this album.

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