• New LP: Unhaim - s/t

    Set 15 2013, 10h49 por stulli

  • Free Album: Social Chaos - Revolutions Breath

    Dez 15 2012, 17h01 por stulli

  • Free Album: M.A.M.A. - Shiver with Disgust

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  • gosh!

    Abr 29 2010, 1h17 por HCL667

    we, 667 (punk), are too play live. here:
    public rehearsal, live concert and virtual megaevent

    and it is going to be big… but still so much to get sorted out…

  • xmaspunkrockparty

    Nov 19 2008, 1h45 por HCL667

    es gibt sie wieder. die xmaspunkrockparty von 667 (punk). nett wirds. und spekulatius gips ooch wieder!
  • artist of the week (2)

    Ago 12 2008, 9h08 por jawsii

    aussitot mort

    okay, now im really pissed. just clicked into the bookmark panel insted of another tab (leo) and everything is gone...

    once again. here we go.

    i discovered aussitot mort like a little more than one year ago when i was searching thru myspaces diy bands. i was looking for a cool and unusual way of boxing our own cd not by just putting it into a boring jewel case. they had this awesome paper board letter-like package. i also remember that i liked their music a lot but i couldnt find any mp3s in the www at this time. so i kinda "forgot" about them.
    like a few weeks ago when i heard they were meant to be playing at the fluff fest i again tried to get some music from them. i found a split with balboa in a distro and the song from aussitot mort on this 7'' totally killed me.

    what can i say: they were the best band ive seen at the festival. maybe besides raein but they had the advantage to play after sundown. speaking of atmophere..
    i must be honest and suggest that i didnt watched a lot bands; bbq and swimming seemd to be the better plan when it was like 30 degree celsius. plus, neither im interested in bands like black friday29, nor i wanted to see maroon not playing the firestorm haha

    for the music: energetic, passionated, a bit noisy, atmopheric, groovy.
    think of daitro meets amanda woodward. typical french screamo you might say.
    not the hectic style a lot of the german bands use(d) to play. maybe a bit mellow if you want.
    i was thinking of buying the cdr (with old and new songs) they sold at the fluff fest but when i heard the new album 'montuenga' will be released in a few weeks on vinyl i decided to wait. i got the songs from a friend.
    check the tracks on their myspace. itll blow you away.
    cant wait for 'montuenga'

  • artist of the week (1)

    Ago 1 2008, 8h09 por jawsii

    what is this? some movement on my quite quiet profile. i thought i could participate a little bit more in the world of last.fm
    so i decided to write some lines about the band i listened to most during the (last) week. wow, what a new and individual idea, hu?
    beginning with small steps. maybe i hazard to "go bigger" (and to more interesting things haha) in future.
    ah, yeah. last but not least: im connnecting this journal to all my groups even some of the bands doesnt fit with the groups names/content/whatsoever. ban me from your group if you think its worth it or if it offends you too much, dear leaders. couldnt care less. plus, i dont know exactly what connecting means in this case... (maybe next weeks band might be of interest..)

    oh, and comment this if you want to.
    anyway, here we go.


    no chance i could not mention that the singer of fightstar used to play in that shitty pop band busted. the one without a drummer. you might remember "air hostess" or "thats what i go to school for". pupertal and catchy (in the meaning of silly) as fuck.

    this is what i call advancement. file under "emo/rock with heart". of course no emo we use to know from the ninetees. more what we call emo now *laughing* think of jimmy eat world, mae or acceptance.
    the voice is what i like most. to be honest im not sure if its _only_ his voice that ties me. just kidding, there are really good melancholly melody lines, too. some times they drift a bit too much in the direction of emocore stuff (e.g. newer funeral for a friend). but they do this quite rarely so it does not "hurt".
    so what? another stupid emocore band like it used to be trendy back in 2005? i certify fightstar bit more. not least cause of the ones singers voice.
    music for the season of falling leaves or to get intimate with your girlfriend. or even for crying that you dont have one..
    ah, yeah. theres this one song with too much heavy break downs and more than uncalled-for growls. skip it!

    loved track: paint your target
  • its hard to compete

    Jun 8 2008, 12h14 por HCL667

    Sa., 7. Jun. – Bankrupt, 667 (punk)

    it was nice. a little disappointing, but nice. the audience was smaller than expected, cause it was the first day of the european football championship.

    we still hope you had a good time! thanks a lot for coming, esp. farbenheit, dazzliod, drporth and nolti+1

    AND thanks to Bankrupt, who performed just great. these guys deserve a much bigger crowd than last night, honestly!

    667 (punk) is now looking for a new drummer. (It was mattze's last gig with us, did it mention that?) so if you know someone in berlin who would like to join us: tell me!
  • NON-ARTIST rules ok!

    Abr 14 2008, 23h30 por HCL667

    Did you know? There are more than one band with the same name on lastFM? It has been a problem for quite a while and they are working on it, as you can read in the blog

    I must say, I have my doubts that this will work without problems. At least not in the near future.

    We have the multiple name problem, too. not only on lastFM. in a number or forums we had to make shure people would understand who we are. which is why we are occasionally using our name with an addendum, which often is the genre and/or our hometown. other bands are using this name with some sort of claim added. so we decided to make our stuff downloadable WITH the add, so that the stats can count them differently until other ways to differentiate are available. we have to accept that we have to communicate this LONG name, at least where similar names occur. (two legal similar names have the same problem: how would you tell the difference between “paradox” and “para dox” in a list with no other hints, or an addendum or “subname”? maybe tagclouds for each search result entry?)

    Now we uploaded our stuff under “667 (punk)” and added an inline "artist"-link on the “667” -wiki. The result is: Some moderators have deleted our uploaded pictures, the band has been tagged as NON-ARTIST (yay!) and some text and the link on the “667”-page has been removed. All of that without giving any notice to me (assigned as manager of that bandaccount). After I have complained I am blocked now for both wikis. The mails I got from labels@last.fm are short, unsupportive and unsigned. I feel like the bad guy and I wonder if we should delete our tracks and leave.

    I might have done the wrong things based on my opinion which is only guessing things about that fingerprinting issue, but instead of talking to me they let me watch my work beeing erased, they block me and send anonymous letters. And I still dont understand what can be so wrong about adding something to a name until everything works fine and then merge them? or even have official "second names"

    I posted this as a comment to that blog article and I will keep you uptodate!
  • LOL!

    Mar 12 2008, 13h08 por HCL667


    (yes, you can slap me now - I just could not resist)