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Líder: VladdaMeer
Política de associação: Aprovação do líder
Criado em: 12 Out 2011
For those who like Die Selektion and / or Deux or similar (check out group music connectons), and all music with similar sounding (minimal synth, cold wave, witch house, darkwave,...

If you feel like it, you could participate in some group discussion or write something in shoutbox....

And yes, that is ONLY for the group members! :)

If you don`t have some of the connected music/musicians/bands and something with similar sounding in your library, please don`t apply....

This is only for those with
SPECIFIC music taste. :)

We (actually I) would love to accept everyone, but in order to keep the quality of the radio, we (I) have to reject some profiles. Just take a look at our chart and at the connections to know what is acceptable and what the radio is playing.

Suggestions about which artists should be connected or about anything else are more then welcome. :)

So, if you find yourself here, welcome and enjoy! :)

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