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Líder: JacquiVixen
Política de associação: Aberta
Criado em: 1 Nov 2011
A group designed to let us use the social side of Last FM.

This group came into being because Jacqui was accused of spamming by the mods on here. They seem to think that we don’t understand their website, but it is they who don’t understand our basic point.

Last FM when it was created set about using what it describes as “our user-generated content and software”. What this basically means is that when YOU played OUR music on here a “Page” was automatically created for Devilish Presley over which we had/have NO CONTROL whatever.

Like Wikipedia anyone can add nonsense to said page and therefore we were forced to set up Jacqui’s page and “manage” or become “moderators” of the DP page to make sure OUR art was properly represented.

This has nothing to do with copyright or allowing them to “stream” music at all.It is more fundamental than that.

Last FM took the unilateral decision to exist in the first place and operate in the way it does. The hypocrisy involved in them not letting us promote our own music to our own friends is staggering.

That is all. Jacqui & Johnny xx

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