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Whats up in our PLs? :o)

Tune IN!...

"Good Evening. Welcome to Difficult Listening Hour. The spot on your dial for that relentless and impenetrable sound of Difficult Music. So sit bolt upright in that straight-backed chair, button that top button,and get set for some Difficult Music."

About darkerradio

We are here to support the german underground music scene. We are here to keep it strong. darkerradio is dedicated to all music that lies below the mainstream radar. darkerradio will represent music from Electro/EBM, Wave, Gothic, Alternativ-Rock, Metal and similar music genres. darkerradio is the concept of musicians, music fans and idealistic people.

Founded in May 2003 we offer newcomers or unknown artists the opportunity to present their work.

Besides there is no advertising! darkerradio is a non-commercial and private financed project - we're doing it just for the music and the musicians for free.

Just remember - we DON'T send 24/7 - our maintimes are 6 pm to 12 pm CET
Infos: http://www.darkerradio.com

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