Nucore 1997-2011

  • Nucore 1997-2011

    I speak today of the fall of nu-core.

    Nu-core had three variants:

    (1) Metalcore and nu-metal: derived from the late years of hardcore when hardcore bands tried to get more "technical" without really learning composition. All of this music amounted to an integration of rock, jazz, and funk technique without finer musical points. Examples: Necrophagist, Insane Clown Posse.

    (2) Indie-metal, shoegaze, emo, nu-black and black punk: essentially the post-hardcore of Fugazi and Rites of Spring warmed over with integrations of indie rock (REM onward) and other related elements. Examples: Krallice, Ameseours.

    (3) Retro-underground: imitating the surface values of underground metal without any of its redeeming traits. Examples: Fatalist, all party thrash bands.

    These are now dying in fire because they never had any legitimacy. Legitimacy does not come from a group of people agreeing that you are valid and OK; it comes from within, where you have something of profundity and emotion to express.

    These genres did not.

    Their death and burial is slowly beginning, and as it is, people are returning to the genres which have a sense of self-possession and clarity.

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