Vanargandr - Tenebris II cassette only release

  • Vanargandr - Tenebris II cassette only release

    The second Tenebris ritual cassette of Vanargandr is due to be released very soon, and is avaialble on a pre-order only basis.

    Vanargandr has been around since 1997, and has released a number of works during that time, typically in severely limited supply with minimal to non-existent promotion.

    Vanargandr has been described as:

    "High quality and disturbing dark ambient - of the highest CMI quality. Really good stuff. I'm going to have to listen to the promo some more - to let it sink in better. Although it's not the kind of release you can put on anytime, it demands attention to listen to the whole array of sound."

    - Stu (Aesthetic Death Records)

    For more information -

    To listen -[fulltext]=vanargandr

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