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Congolese Artists develop some of the best musics in the world... so if u think u'd be able to bop ur head or shake ur booty all night long on their music, then ur at the right spot... Enjoy!

Bienvenue! Welcome! Bienvenido! Bemvindo!
Betu Abo! Boyeyi Bolamu! Karibuni!

Congolese artists are numerous and extremely talented in very different genres... just enjoy!!!

congolese music has such an influence on the african continent that you will often come across soukous from various countries such as ivory coast, gabon or kenya... i just let u know that i won't add those artists to the group (except if they originally come from Congo), not that their music is not good but i really want to make the group specific and focused on congolese artists... hope you understand, thank you ;o)

check out the past videos of the month!!!

}}} June: Jupiter Bokondji & Okwess International - Mwana Yoka Toli }}} July: La Selesao - Decale Gwada }}} August: Shiko Mawatu - Kimbanda Nzila }}} September: Kaysha - On est ensemble! }}} October: Les Bayuda du Congo - Katshia wa nshiya }}} November: Lokua Kanza - Never Lose Your Soul }}} December: M'Bilia Bel - Naza


}}} January: Les Chic Men - Kolela lela }}} February: Werrason - Tia ngai à l'aise }}} March: Tshala Muana - Kalombo }}} April: Koffi Olomide - Danger de Mort }}} May: Flash Mundele - Beta Maboko }}} June: Konono - Sobanza Mimanisa }}} July: Fally Ipupa - Chaise Electrique }}} August: Barbara Kanam - Jardin d'Amour }}} September: Awilo Longomba - C'est pas compliqué }}} October: Papa Wemba - Awa Y'Okeyi }}} November: Yoka Choc - Bana Kinshasa }}} December: Kekele - Affaire Mokuwa


}}} January 2010: OK Jazz }}} February 2010: Bantunani }}} March 2010: Baloji }}} April 2010: Franco }}} May 2010: Tabu Ley Rochereau }}} June 2010: Grand Kalle & l'African Jazz }}} July 2010: Primus }}} August 2010: Skol }}} September 2010: Josky }}} Octobre 2010: Lokua Kanza }}} November 2010: Bopol Mansiamina }}} December 2010: La League



} Video January 2011: Charity For Haiti }}} Video February 2011: Les Bayuda du Congo }}} Video March 2011: Staff Benda Bilili }}} Video April 2011: Josky & OK Jazz }}} Video May 2011: LS }}} Video June 2011: La Selesao }}} Video July 2011: Werrason }}} Video August 2011: Zaïko Langa Langa }}} Video Décembre 2011: Olivier Tshimanga }}}



} Video January 2012: Franco
} Video April 2012: Jacques Tshimankinda
} Video May 2012: Shakalewa


Sidaction - Faites passer le message
ft. Youssoupha (son of Tabu Ley Rochereau) and Fally Ipupa

Manu Dibango: "on n'attrape pas le SIDA en buvant dans le même verre que quelqu'un, ni en l'embrassant, ni en lui serrant la main, toi-même tu sais, alors...'Faites passer le message'" (you don't get AIDS by drinking in the same glass as someone else, neither by kissing this person or shaking their hand. you know it, so..."spread the word")

Chorus' lyrics:
Faites passer le message (spread the word)
Faites passer le message, faites passer oh (spread the word, spread it)
Assez discriminés (stop discrimination)
Discriminer n'est pas jouer oh (discrimination is not fair)

music may soothe the mind but we still have to be aware of WHAT is going on in the Congo...

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