• Jukies: help ("None Shall Pass" question)

    Ago 7 2007, 17h31 por tom_dissonance

    Anyone copped the new Aesop Rock album?

    Heard the track "Getaway Car" with Cage and Breeze Brewin from the Juggaknots?


    Rapin' the competition, smothered in pain and sin
    So we pound you out in table tennis like ??????????




    it sounds like "Wang Lai-Kim", but i don't know anything about table tennis, and a cursory Google search for Oriental-sounding table tennis players came up with nothing.

    i know it's a dope line, i just wish i knew what the words were!!!

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  • WOW! NEW 30,000 BASTARDS!!!

    Ago 1 2007, 14h00 por tom_dissonance

    there's a new 30KB track, "NWW" featuring our homee Living Larceny — out now at the top of our song-box thing [mysp*ce].

    it stands for "North Wild West" and is a bit Olde West-themed. we think this is generally more palatable than, say, the film "Wild Wild West" with Will Smith, but we'll leave it to you to make up your minds.

    the album is (temporarily) called "Songs We Made in Under 6 Hours". see if you can guess why. it's not finished fully (needs DJ Jon Sever to lay his scratcheez down for one thing) so a bit rough and ready, but y'know. i like it.

    this is also the first track we've put on under our own names, which is exciting. we were gonna wait till the whole album was out and then put it up all as one, but we thought, might as well just chop and change as we need to, innit? as long as people can hear it in the meantime all's good.

    (pass the) peas x x x

    NWW Feat. Living Larceny
  • New Group: Martin Scorsese

    Abr 9 2007, 13h55 por Mc-Ice

    For the fans of Martin Scorsese's films.

    Martin Scorsese Group
  • [ISWYD] Smithereens (Stop Cryin')

    Mar 19 2007, 13h33 por tom_dissonance

    Once again verified by El himself.


    Fell asleep late, neon buzz
    P.T.S. stress, we do drugs
    city air strange, sticky lungs
    Mayor Doomburg gives no funds
    and i'm cryin (cryin’)

    call out with a fiendish ring
    broken into smithereens
    every thing's exactly how it seems and it would seem that i am

    in a world of super duper whores the kids just want a little more,
    little tycos do the bloody mind sex with a veteran’s decor
    so when i step in the stop frame i became pure BK
    cause i grew up around the Krazy Kings and inhaled second hand spray
    where the walls talk your defiances and alliances were made
    with a fugitive dash after class to harass the gods of fame
    and the goons that I collude with on this rude shit same way
    and will break a crab down in public just to manipulate they pain
    why should I be sober when God is so clearly dusted out his mind
    with cherubs puffin a bundle tryna remember why he even tried
    down here its 30% every year to fund the worlds end
    but I’m broke on Atlantic Ave. tryna cop the bootleg instead
    pure savage established hard rock talk circa 93 proof
    walk the high road to infinity with simile truant moves
    when the wandering ration line derail I steal food
    maybe tread where the sidewalk hawks look alive and hide tools
    on a bed that someone else made, tryna wait for the next boot
    and it drops when you took prime-time hellemundo off mute
    old folks say "time to build", but demolition pays more loot
    rip patch from your hazmat suit, slip past with an odd bop (woop)
    El-Producto sorta strange they say he stares at you long range
    perhaps he’s lookin at us all with his thousand yard gaze
    and he sees how mc's became contorted with their own lies
    and went from battle rap to gun talk like we ain't notice the change (yeah right)

    it's the city i broke down in, the velour couture township
    where they lost the rock box batteries and forgot how shit was founded and i'm
    and critics all see me twisted, they don’t get my whole existence
    an actual b boy brainiac who'll smack you out your mittens

    now i feel that motherfuckers owe me dap for contributing actual raps
    thats not a construct for the radio on that plasticine path
    i'll be your homie, bust through the Dolby lonely, all cast aside and homely
    wildly pour chrome heat of vigilante words, insert hurt in a dome-piece
    and the last of all i have is yours now surrendered nice and calmly
    as a tot played on a block of bricks and double dutched with the zombies
    i'll rip your squad with nothing but a cock ring on and a pair of puerto-rock dunks
    i built the bag that cats will drown in when the water's colored rust
    and the last thought that i had in the back of the little bus
    was of a Oklahoma City flair through kiddy flesh fade to dust
    move with me little soldier bitty, we'll cloak and dagger the city
    we'll hope to stagger magnificence till the pattern of blasphemy's quitting
    and i keep my meaning tucked deep so y'all creepers give me some privacy
    dont ask for something literal from a child of secret society
    there's a position to be filled you fuckin assholes, keep your eye on me
    but save your precious advice cause all my life everyones lied to me and im cryin

    fell asleep late, neon buzz
    p.t.s. stress, we do drugs
    city air strange, sticky lungs
    mayor doomburg gives no funds
    and im cryin

    call out with a fiendish ring
    broken into smithereens
    every thing's exactly how it seems and it would seem that i am

    Smithereens (Stop Cryin')I'll Sleep When You're Dead
  • [ISWYD] Tasmanian Pain Coaster

    Mar 16 2007, 12h55 por tom_dissonance

    thought i'd try and start transcribing the I'll Sleep When You're Dead lyrics, both so that they're written down somewhere and so that i know them and so that other El-P fans can help me with the bits i can't pick out. anyway, these from the album opening track are certified because they were transcribed by El himself.


    i saw this kid walkin down the street
    i was like...

    bumped into this kid i knew, he often would walk strange,
    so i ignored the blood on his laces so this cat could save face,
    the dunks and the gaze stayed in an off grey haze and the lump in his pocket talked to the ox that he clutched safe
    so i saluted him there, waiting for the A
    trapped on the empty platform without the option to escape
    gave him the standard, "yo what up man, how you landin?",
    and the hypnotized response was no surprise... "i maintain"
    "yeah we all do that's the standardized refrain, but on some really real man...good to see you. really. what the dealy deal?"
    oops...fuck...screwed the pooch, asked too much, knew the truth
    on the train now, A caboose,
    in his brain now, no recluse
    80 blocks to uptown spot, destination vocal booth
    metro-card like "you get what you pay for, stupid"... no excuse
    he pulled his hoody off his cabbage rugged practical and began to fancy the words i mistakenly jostled loose
    the stogie he brazenly lit where he sit looked legit, but when the flame touched to the tip i could smell its of another nit
    he leaned his head back and inhaled the newpie dip and said
    "the whole design got my mind cryin, if I'm lyin I'm dyin..shit"

    this is the sound of what you don't know killing you
    this is the sound of what you don't believe still true
    this is the sound of what you don't want still in you
    TPC motherfucker, cop a feel or two

    VERSE 2

    the whole design got my mind cryin, if im lyin im dyin,
    if im dyin im flyin the same line, no disguise, guy… I’m bent up,
    know the sky's high by coincidence and I'm tied blind insignificant
    to the ground function im Munsoned, it's the dreaded 7/10 split again
    the medic made it out to be, epidemic shaded... wow for me
    evidence of pressures mounting, residential shroud: Kings County
    brotherhood of the working wounded, wounded working city unit
    taking out the trash and strappin in... lets get it movin, stupid
    many men make moves more useless, use abuse quick
    losers, juiceless
    bitch either speak the truth or you leave toothless
    2 fists of the furiously ruthless
    justice for my very own amusement with no regard for the conclusion
    i swagger with rats tappin the glass in a Gov. lab,
    pass me the gloves, mask and flask of the cheapest liquor you have
    in the back of the tasmanian path, insane again laughin,
    cacklin at the randomness of the city and all its facts
    the dark art of interrogation agent skippin class
    and at last in a flash on my tip toes walkin on cracked glass
    gats blast and wiz by fast or just catch in my calves like "hold that"
    in other words: i'm trash, glad you asked

    this is the sound of what you don't know killing you
    this is the sound of what you don't believe still true
    this is the sound of what you don't want still in you
    TPC motherfucker, cop a feel or two

    your futures uncertain here now,
    the plot smears on the wall
    said your futures uncertain here now,
    the plot smears on the wall

    I'll Sleep When You're DeadTasmanian Pain Coaster
  • The Jay-Z & Nas Group

    Jun 20 2006, 21h06 por Mc-Ice


    Dedicated to 2 of the dopest, most respected, talented & greatest Rappers to ever walk on this earth. Jay-Z & Nas
  • Guitar! Date! Oi! Oi! Oi!

    Mai 11 2006, 18h35 por savagetime13

    Well, I got a left over computer from school. My plan is to sell it to get my dream guitar , witch by the way is a Grestch 1959 ES… iv been wanting it for THREE WHOLE FRIGGING YEARS NOOOOWWW!!!!!!! And I think im about ready to get it, because I think that my guitare skills are well enough to get a fancy shmancy GEETAAAAWWWW....but I don’t know if it’s going to work out. But I hope it does, because, it was time consuming to get the god damn thing to begin with

    I started to wait in the room that they were going to hand them out at 7 o’clock, and it started at 9, I had to miss 15 minutes of my first class that day in order to pick it up, I broke a sweat getting it to the car because, the cart that I was carrying it on was craptacular, AND the worst thing of all, Hana had to be late to her soccer class, because she had to wait for me at the car…Hanas’s my sister, JUST in case for all the readers who didn’t know. And on top of it, the computer is a god damn dinosaur compared to the shit out now….UUUUUUUUUh!!!!!

    And I cant WAIT to get home to see what mummy is gunna say!!!
  • Styles P - Crime Connection (Hosted By DJ Big Mike)

    Mar 7 2006, 21h45 por Mc-Ice

    "Mixtapes are for promotion only"

    Styles P - Crime Connection (Hosted By DJ Big Mike)


    1. DJ Big Mike & Styles P – Intro
    2. Styles P – Crime Connection
    3. Styles P – The MC
    4. Styles P – Ya Know
    5. Styles P Feat. Notorious B.I.G – Watch The Hit
    6. Styles P – Who’s World
    7. Styles P – We In Da Hood
    8. D-Block - Mighty D-Block (Hot 97 Freestyle)
    9. Styles P Feat. Common, Jadakiss, Nas & Anthony Hamilton – Why (Remix)
    10. Styles P – I Know
    11. Styles P – The Hardest
    12. Styles P – Obie Trice – Just Another Day
    13. Styles P Feat. J-HOOD – Smile
    14. Styles P – Invite To 50 (Skit)
    15. Styles P Feat. Jadakiss – Problem Child (50 Cent Diss)
    16. Styles P Feat. Sheek Louch – Run Up
    17. Styles P Feat. Sheek Louch – Ghost
    18. Styles P – Soldiers Song
    19. Styles P Feat. Jadakiss – It’z That Ghetto
    20. Styles P – Man Of The Men
    21. Styles P – Feat. Sheek Louch – Kiss Your Ass Goodbye (Remix)
    22. Styles P – NY, NY
    23. D-Block Feat. A-Team – How We Bangin’
    24. Styles P – I’m Black (Live In Concert)
    25. Styles P – Official Gangstas
    26. Styles P – Militant Mode
    27. Styles P – Like You
    28. Styles P Feat. Crime Family – D-Block To North Philly
    29. Styles P – Yonkers Days
    30. Styles P Feat. T.I., Stat Quo & Jadakiss – Kiss Of Death (Remix)
    31. Styles P – I Gets Busy
    32. Styles P - Paniro In The Pen (Outro)
  • Join My Newly Made "Eric B. & Rakim" Group

    Jan 20 2006, 21h55 por Mc-Ice

    This group is dedicated to Hip Hop's Greatest duo ever "Eric B. & Rakim"

    If you're a fan of them or just Rakim, feel free to join this group

    By joining, you'll autommatically help us spread their name across Lastfm

    Thank You & Have Fun!
  • New Biggie Group

    Jan 20 2006, 11h28 por teflon_hearted