Weekly Top Artists

  • Weekly Top Artists

    What's with lady gaga being on our weekly top artists!? i know i can't compare her to Coldplay! its an insult but then again its just my opinion, what does everyone else think? Personally, i am no fan of lady gaga, thats for sure!

  • I AGREE!!

    I really don't understand it. The radio is filled with all the NEW stuff, but that doesn't mean it's good!

    • Arriene disse...
    • Usuário
    • Ago 18 2010, 11h41
    Well,I don t have anything with Gaga music&stuff,because they are so different,speaking of the type of music.But I really want to hear Coldplay more often on TV,radio,everywhere.
    They are such an inspiration and it s a pitty that their music is not known by more people.

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