Top Overrated Band???

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    • Mai 19 2012, 16h56

    Top Overrated Band???

    Tell us the most overrated bands and why

    I begin with AC/DC...
    3 chords ... the same rhythm... yes they got good songs...
    But Back in black is only a one more album,
    Be in the top 10 of 1980s albums? mmm
    Is really impossible hear a full album of them ... its the same ...
    Except Highway to hell, Back in black, TNT and ... and ... no more or little more xD

  • Green Day
    3 chords (lame instrumentalists).... sold out.... not that good songwriting, very overrated singer (Billie Joe sounds like he is trying to be a cockney), their songs are lame, and they look like they are trying to be high school emos. Some early Green Day was pretty good (up until Nimrod) but I just feel that everything since has been lame and not even close to deserving the recognition they have received. I could name loads of Punk and Alternative bands that I think are better and deserve more recognition than Green Day.

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  • this thread can get alot of trouble started. just saying. besides, rock and roll is ONLY suppposed to BE 3 chords!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Mai 20 2012, 10h44
    Yes true ... but acdc use the same chords all time ... D Scale ...

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    • Mai 20 2012, 11h47
    Well, I like AC/DC and dislike Green Day, but for me these are overrated bands / artists:

    1. Röyksopp

    2. Kings of Leon - totally boring ...

    3. Blur - without James, Joy Division / Warsaw or The Beatles You won't exist !

    4. Tokio Hotel - no word, only this:

    5. Michael Jackson

    Well, some have a few good song, but all the hype is totally crazy ...

    And well, I personally don't like Metallica, Deep Purple, Queen, Depeche Mode and very often R.E.M., but I can't tell You why ?

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