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Clangers films were first shown in 1969, the year man landed on the moon. They were described by a NASA scientist as “an attempt to bring a note of realism to the fantasy of the Space Race.” The series concerns the life and times of the Clangers, a race of highly civilised, small, bright pink, long-nosed mouse-shaped persons which stand upright on big flappy feet. They talk to each other by a kind of high-pitched whistling and have large animated ears that they pull over their eyes when they are sad or distressed. Their society is courteous and non-violent, nor is there any glorification of conflict. They enjoy the simple things in life, eating blue string pudding, watering various plants with the Cloud and radioing the Iron Chicken which lives in a spiky nest somewhere in the Clangers’ planet's sky. But a Clanger’s life is far from dull; theirs is a world where music grows on trees and were notes, when collected may be used to propel space-borne craft. It is a place where the most unexpected things can happen and usually do.

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