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Created to handle the overflow of Chez Musinum artist connections, this is the kitchen, where new and/or underknown artists are simmered, seasoned, & offered to the public.

Chef Musinum's Edible Artist Radio (Chef_Musinum's library)

play in software (library)

All artist members of Chez Musinum with fewer than 1000 plays and/or fewer than 200 listeners are now connected to this group. When an artist has both 1000+ plays and 200+ listeners, the artist will be connected to the original group.

The Artist Radio is not a tag radio, but instead plays the library of a dummy user, chef_musinum.

One thing we can all do is listen to each other on the exclusive Artist Radio. Chances are most of us* have not heard many of the others in this group... and the easiest way to get familiar with each other's work is to listen to the Artist Radio. As a bonus, we should all see an immediate boost in plays and listeners.

*"Us": my main artist name Tim Doyle is not here, but I am represented by timpixi.

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