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    • Jan 25 2010, 19h53

    One Without - Metal/Rock

    The Swedish Gothenburg band One Without is the result of taking “The Gothenburg Metal Sound” and implement it into a fusion of metal, rock and pop, making the sound incomparable and fresh.

    “The idea has never been to sound like any other specific band, instead we try to focus on making all ideas count, bringing forth a new and fresh sound tracing back to influences of hundreds of other bands.”

    With their debute album “Thoughts of a Secluded Mind”, mixed by Mattias Wänerstam (Avatar, Within Y) and mastered by Dragan Tanakovic (Mustach, Europe, In Flames, Evergrey) - two of the bigger names in the Swedish music industry, One Without sets a new standard to todays metal.

    Formed in 2003 by Joonas Niskanen, the band has grown and evolved into a truly unique form with most of their strength lying in the line up.

    “We always work as a team, but we still bring out the individuality of each member as much as we possibly can, which is what makes us able to create the sound we have.”


    • Kennynr1 disse...
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    • Jan 25 2010, 19h54

    Three shows in Denmark and Sweden!


    We have three upcoming shows in February, one in Sweden and two in Denmark!

    For all of you who can´t be there, we will try to records some videos for you! But if you can make it to the shows you should be there and see us live! We will rock your socks of!

    Here are the details:

    "Music Turns Heavy" in Gothenburg, Sweden, at Teen Dream on the 12th as Headliners.

    “Rock Shock Festival” in Aars, Denmark, at the 13th.

    And as headliners in Copenhagen, Denmark, at “The Rock” on the 20th.

    Remember the shows are all in FEBRUARY! :)


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    • Fev 26 2010, 22h22
    Last.fm page - One Without

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    oops, made a mistake here..;/ sorry...how can one delete this again? can you do that babs? sorry for the troubles again...gb

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    The thread or just your post? You can edit your post and leave it blank. PM me. :)

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