Look to Windward - post-rock/acoustic/ambient

  • Look to Windward - post-rock/acoustic/ambient

    Look to Windward is the moniker of the_poosh.

    Alright, so I've only made one song so far. Hardly an artist. But I'm interested in various directions my music can take. I have plans for acoustic guitar and vocals, as well as more of a post-rock sound through use of programs like Ableton.

    I have plans.

    While I am getting more material on the way, I would really appreciate constructive criticism on my first song, Adrift. It's a purely electronic work of post-rock, and I would like to know what people think, as encouragement would lead to more of that type of music being made.

    I will turn this into a proper artist page once I have more songs. =)

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    • Bloopy disse...
    • Forum Moderator
    • Nov 15 2008, 16h43
    Interesting! Adrift sort of leans in an atmospheric/soundscape direction, which I like. Some eerie/dark/haunting stuff wouldn't go amiss, but I'm curious to hear what you can do with acoustic guitar & vocals too.

    • Tecfan disse...
    • Event Moderator
    • Nov 16 2008, 17h43
    I like, a bit too dark/atmospheric for my taste, but as Bloopy said, will be fun with the guitar and vocals

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  • new song!

    Backfire is now available for free download. It's short but, uh, savoury?

    I'm going to try and actually *record* something next time I release a song, and I have a beautiful 6-week summer holiday in which to do so. So stay tuned.

    Also, I'm sorry if I break your speakers.

    EDIT: new version uploaded because I really didn't like the old one - now it's better and longer!

    I make de magiks as Cherax Destructor.
  • constructive criticism

    Creep (abridged) has been uploaded! I recorded it on a whim because I am, as stated earlier, looking into recording more acoustic stuff. (With an acoustic guitar, if I'm lucky!) So, constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated, please. Don't treat this as a proper song, more a test, or a prelude, if you will...

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    • Tecfan disse...
    • Event Moderator
    • Mar 9 2009, 15h19
    Very good \o/ Some of the longer tones on the vocals were a bit off, other than that great. An interesting acoustic bass line could also lift the song

    If you're into /, you might enjoy my (free) tracks: Tecfan
  • new songs!.

    Folks, do we have a show for you tonight!
    Firstly, we have the now infamous Free is Free, a last.fm radio protest song. It's pretty dang lo-fi, be warned, but that hasn't stopped 90 listeners from rocking out! Look at me, ma, hitting the big-time.
    Next, Binary Clouds, a quick dabble in chiptune, made using LSDJ. I'm working on expanding it; I was just testing the waters. Thanks to Anamanaguchi for inspiration! <3 you guys.
    Third and finally, that shoddy cover I did of Creep has been removed. It has been replaced by... Carouselling! Equally acoustic, better quality, 100% original. This, folks, is the real deal.
    We hope you enjoy.

    I make de magiks as Cherax Destructor.
  • intermezzo

    I'm taking Backfire and Carouselling down because I want to make better versions of them. Once that's done, I'll finish my latest "masterpiece", and that's the end. One EP, completed. Aw yeah.
    Two new songs, by the way; Euphony and Distance.

    I make de magiks as Cherax Destructor.
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