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    • Soundhog disse...
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    • Abr 6 2009, 21h41

    I can't believe I forgot to tag...

    Gillian Glover : (

    She's good. Listen or may your strawberry patch be infested with wombats!!
    OK, as hex's go it's a work in progress. They are BIG wombats, mind...

  • Oh noes! Not wombats in my strawberries!!!

    I just gave her a listen, she's got a lovely voice and some cool songs.

    Check out Tangy!
    • Soundhog disse...
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    • Abr 13 2009, 14h26

    ...another one

    Isaac's Aircraft

    In fact, another another one:

    Dead Air Radio

    • Soundhog disse...
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    • Abr 16 2009, 22h02!

    Found these by accident - can't stop listening!


    • Babs_05 disse...
    • Moderador
    • Abr 16 2009, 22h16


    Soundhog said:
    Found these by accident - can't stop listening!

    seconded. new addiction forming... !

    • Soundhog disse...
    • Assinante
    • Abr 19 2009, 15h41

    This is interesting

    Guiye Frayo
    ...and so's this:
    ...and this:
    Wounded Soul
    ...there's more!:

  • tagging HipGnosis again
    he has just released a brilliant album
    Scientific Illuminism (Is For Sissies)
    probably tagged them before too, they are fantastic

  • gotta mention GreenGender again too

    • Soundhog disse...
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    • Abr 29 2009, 16h22

    Some Latvian grunge


    Some Slovakian grunge:

  • I've tagged Little Red Cottage, a new Swedish band comprising solo artist Voide and his long time collaborator U. Johansson. They've been collaborating since 1984 on ULDA, house, lounge, chill, electro with an influence of experimental electronica in various forms. I provide vocals from Australia on the debut eSingle release of the new band...

    Little Red Cottage - I Go Easy

    • Soundhog disse...
    • Assinante
    • Mai 5 2009, 13h15

    This is nice

    • Bloopy disse...
    • Forum Moderator
    • Mai 16 2009, 8h27
    Dupobs - nifty band from Canada who have defined the genre "regressive".

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
    • Usuário
    • Mai 18 2009, 13h23

    6 from Jawohl recordings

    6 nordic artists:
    The Lastsmith is norwegian T. Svaland, who used to play in Smalltown Supersound cult band Epikurs Euforie. This one, Yardstuck, is from 2005. Instrumental naive lo-fi keyboard songs.

    Dsoe grew up with Svaland in white-trash suburbia, close to smalltown Drammen. This self-titled Dsoe album is perfect winter/autumn music, very much like an acoustic Swans.

    Lyd fra et veikryss 2. And here it is, the compilation that tries to capture the spirit emerging out of the music scene from Drammen. A lot of nice indie-/alt folk artists here, some have even gotten media attention (Magnus Moriarty appeared on Best of-lists last year in one of Norways biggest newspapers - Dagbladet, go here:

    HOK is alternative shamanic music from Iceland, very much like the out-there stuff from Coil. Abstract and atmospheric soundscapes.

    Riga Riga is dark rock like Joy Division.

    5ta HERDEILDIN, latest release from Jawohl Recordings. Another one from Iceland. Alt folk.

    • Soundhog disse...
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    • Mai 18 2009, 16h31

    How about...

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    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
    • Usuário
    • Mai 21 2009, 19h53

    + signature


  • two bands I think are great! :D

    The Heavy Sandwich
    from South Carolina
    "Originally conceived as a live band, they constantly tweaked their performances to encompass a startling diversity of sound. Rock, blues, improv, pop, funk, r&b – you name it, and they can play it."
    last year they released their debut albumSongs About Stuff Sometimes
    listening suggestion: Eve

    second is a band called Nerve Rack
    a post-punk / indie-noise band from Leeds, UK, active in the late 80s / early 90s.
    think of Sonic Youth, Big Black and That Petrol Emotion for comparison.
    listening suggestion: Bald Men from the album Gnaw

  • This is a groovy track I've been listening to lovingly for about 18 months, brilliant backwards singing!

    Vibe - Corrientes

  • Do you know The Seven Laws of Woo?

    Great Belgian Funk :)

    • Soundhog disse...
    • Assinante
    • Jun 17 2009, 19h56

    These girls need some love

    Illicit Eve

    From Adelaide and currently touring over here. Refreshingly twisted frock'n'roll and nice people too : ) Criminally underlistened on here...

    • Soundhog disse...
    • Assinante
    • Jun 21 2009, 20h04

    How about...

    • Soundhog disse...
    • Assinante
    • Jul 22 2009, 19h36

    Not only, but also...

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  • I tagged Autorotation for here too, especially love the track Ginger Pants

    • Soundhog disse...
    • Assinante
    • Jul 29 2009, 22h04

    Sea turtles!

  • Re: Sea turtles!

    • Soundhog disse...
    • Assinante
    • Ago 10 2009, 20h58

    This is catchy : )

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