Most Overrated Song?

    • connerrr disse...
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    • Mar 10 2012, 2h58

    Most Overrated Song?

    • dodv disse...
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    • Mar 12 2012, 16h14
    ...Baby One More Time - Original version of (You Drive Me) Crazy. A hollow shell of the Stop Remix.
    Oops!... I Did It Again - Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know
    Britney - Boys
    In The Zone - Everytime. I LOVE the song, but people act like it's the fucking musical equivalent of the Mona Lisa and it just isn't.
    Blackout - Get Naked (I Got a Plan)
    Circus - Unusual You
    Femme Fatale - How I Roll, another fucking annoying "fan favorite" like the last two. If you're wondering why I'm providing additional commentary for this one it's because I just hate the song so fucking much. Even one person listening to it would make it overrated in my eyes, so the 80k listeners here truly shocks and astounds me. Oh my God I can't even

    • connerrr disse...
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    • Mar 12 2012, 16h28
    I should have said Unusual You ... Fucking HATE THAT SONG. Also, I hate How I Roll. I chose IO just because BreatheHeavy stanned so hard for it.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mar 22 2012, 16h07
    Overrated shouldn't be mixed up with "What I dislike". A good song can be overrated. Case in point - Toxic. It's great but it's certainly not worth the amount of hype it gets overall. Without the video, it's actually quite plain.

  • I love Unusual You but I think it's so overrated. The same with Inside Out.

  • "Toxic" is without a doubt Britney's most overrated song or all-time and probably always will be.

  • Let me pick from each album

    BOMT = Well, the stop-remix of crazy is done for me.
    OIDIA = don't let me be the last to know for sure
    BRITNEY = Boys (co-ed remix) I CAN'T EVEN
    ITZ = Toxic
    BLACKOUT = None till now.
    Circus = None till now too
    FF = How I Roll

    I don't hate any song of her but there are some that it's enough, it's done, get over, you know?!

  • Drop Dead beautiful.. boring

  • I think the most overrated for me is Gasoline haha, I like the song, love the way she sings on it, but i dont think its THAT special like a lot of fans and not fans think it is

  • Just because someone dislikes a song doesn't mean it is overrated. I have noticed people mentioning songs that are not even talked about that much so they couldn't be overrated. I do think that Lucky is overrated because a lot of Britney fans say how much they like that song. I like it but, I don't get the hype over it!

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jan 6 2013, 17h24
    Criminal, never got the appealing of the song. I like it but, some people just overreacted about the song.

    • Shitga disse...
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    • Mar 26 2013, 13h52
    BOMT-Crazy for sure
    ITZ-None of them is overrated imo~
    Blackout-Piece of me

    • hlna disse...
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    • Out 21 2013, 7h25
    I'm a slave 4 u

  • Slave 4 you DEFINITELY!

  • work bitch but only by Britney fans I really like all the other hyped up songs so that's all I can think of

  • CIrcus

    • CCS_TOM disse...
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    • Jul 3 2014, 17h01
    Unusual You.

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