Bridges of Königsberg

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Criado em: 22 Mar 2011

Hailing from the northwest suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Bridges of Konigsberg was born in 2009 from the minds of frontman Paul Petrosyan and guitarist Matthew Brakel. With the recruitment of drummer Aaron Krause and keyboardist Beth Hoffman, Bridges of Konigsberg came into being as a capable, experienced, and skillful four-piece group.

Bridges of Konigsberg materialized in to the musical community as a consequence of the May 9, 2010 digital release of their musical debut, "We Have Many Faces". Subsequently, on June 4, 2010, the physical album was made available to the public in the form of one-hundred painstakingly handmade compact discs, inserts, covers, and packages. Armed now with a record, diverse multitude of instruments, and a staggering mountain of customized electronics, Bridges of Konigsberg has undoubtably begun broadcasting their lovingly laboured message to the masses.

Live Shows~

Friday, April 1st 8:00 PM Swing State Lake Villa, IL w/Sioum & Connectedness Locus


Bridges of Königsberg - part of "No. 7" & "The Unveiling Serum" live at Subterranean 01-26-11

Bridges of Königsberg - "Waiting for Stars to Explode" live at Subterranean 01-26-11

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