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Stay updated! For news related to the Palestine/Israel conflict check this thread.

*Do you believe Palestinians of all groups lived very respectful life's before the Zionist attacks(so-called independence war).
*Do you believe in their right to oppose the mass-exodus of their people and cultural heritage?
*Do you feel Israel is more a threat to the world than any other states?
*Are you tired of US taxpayers that don't understand politics enough to understand that a big sum of it goes to suppressing any other Middle Eastern state?
*Do you believe Israel is part of US plan to suppress these states so that it can in theory profit from all this?
*Do you feel aggravated when you see Zionist extremists swimming is swimming pools out in their back yard, while Palestinians don't have enough water to cover their basic needs and are blamed on themselves for all this and their other problems(as it has nothing to do with Zionist presence?)
*Dont you just hate how Israel tries to cast shadow over whats really going on?
*Do you believe the Jews are better off without this problematic and exploiting ideology called Zionism?
*Do you believe boycotting the zionist firms, especially those related to arms and military, will help pave the way for a new trend in the middle east?

If you agree with any of those above, this group is for you.

Come inside and read some news, articles, watch a documentary or discuss about the subject.

But before you try to join...
We dont want any Nazi, neo-Nazi, Fascists, Haters, überextremists or any other sick kinds hanging around here. If you got any tags of "white power" or "rac" or something like that you are not welcome, and if you are member of these kind of groups you can not enter here. This is a group for people who fight for the liberation of Palestinians, Lebanese and others currently suppressed people in the region, and is not a anti -Jew & -Semite group! Also, try to be active in forum, this is not for show but for political active people.

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