Do you smoke?

  • I don't smoke.

    • 0203 disse...
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    • Ago 24 2007, 14h00
    who cares

    • Hasjmier disse...
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    • Ago 26 2007, 11h30
    When i'm going out with my friends . I smoke :)

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Ago 27 2007, 16h43
    Lucky Strike, Djarum, Slim Vanilla
    (I'm not addicted and I can afford ciggs which are more expensive than average ;))

    • Moraan disse...
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    • Ago 27 2007, 18h00
    And i don't think i ever will. :D

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Ago 27 2007, 20h10
    Never tried! :D

    • 10h10 disse...
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    • Ago 28 2007, 9h31
    galilej25 said:
    Never tried! :D

    Idem ;)

  • I do. But lately not that often. Ain't in the mood to or something like that, I don't know.

    Close your eyes and forget about everything.
    Close your eyes and kiss me.
    In spite of it all.
  • I don't, but sometimes I should :P.

  • I don't. I smoked just one whole cigaret...When my girlfriend left me. It wasn't so bad, I just needed compose myself a little:)

    But I don't matter smokers...only when somebody smokes during my eating;)

  • more smokers in our generation than any other gen.

  • I have never smoked (:

    Dad want us to pick where he left off, saving people, hunting things, the family business [L]
  • I don't smoke. That smell ugh...

    • Keyci disse...
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    • Set 12 2007, 17h31
    No I don't smoke xD

  • it sucks. it really sucks. but i like it. one time it will kill me..but i had lot of fun with this shit cigaretts. my brand are Parisienne Jaune and Brunette Filters

    und ab geht er.
    • Naavle disse...
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    • Set 15 2007, 14h27
    Never tried, Not goin to atm.
    Dunno how will it look in future. I aint sure of anythin..

    • Leszon disse...
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    • Set 15 2007, 14h51
    I am not smoking. It sucks and It's uncool. By the way, if You think that You're cool, join my new group I am Cool

  • I'm not smoking... I think, that smoking is stupid, but it's not my buisness, what other people are doing with their health...

    don't you turn your sweet back on love

    // - please vote for me, that I could take my friend to Paris... though it seems impossible, I decided to try :) Thanks!
  • I smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.

  • never smoked, never will either

    "Music is love in search of a word." - Sidney Lanier
  • I DO NOT.

  • no, i don't; never tried

    • ilsemiau disse...
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    • Set 23 2007, 16h19
    love it..

  • I have some friends that do, but I don't.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Set 23 2007, 17h36

    waste of moeny if anything.

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