Recommend stuff :)

  • Recommend stuff :)

    Bands, Movies, and anything else within reason.

    Movies I recommend:
    No Country For Old Men, I'm Not There, Juno is ok but not amazing.

    :) Your turn.

  • Man those films are sick... well Juno's okay but really annoying soundtrack...

    I was well impressed with Christina Ricci from monster and black snake moan.... both well worth watching :D

    anyone else know some films worth watching?

    • sass113 disse...
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    • Ago 4 2008, 12h23
    i like junos soundtrack!

    Moldy Peaches are great :)

    i like "the opposite of sex" also starring Christina Ricci

    and for his music Stephen Dale Petit

    ***Generate the music to make you feel better***
    • BluesRok disse...
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    • Nov 20 2008, 2h29
    Band Recommendation: Gov't Mule
    It's blues, it's rock, it's blues-rock!

    BluesRok / Jay
    • miikargh disse...
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    • Dez 5 2008, 12h18

    Radio Moscow

    Great psychedelic blues-rockband!

    • BluesRok disse...
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    • Dez 6 2008, 16h03
    Taj Mahal had a new CD come out recently. Mahal plays some good-timey stuff.

    The Derek Trucks Band will have a new CD out in January. Derek's slide guitar is very distinctive -- and addictive.

    BluesRok / Jay
    • OJazz disse...
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    • Jan 9 2009, 16h02
    Anyone into blues rock, have a listen to my band MudJack!!!! you can hear us on last fm at THANK YOU!

  • Nice Blues Rock.

    The Death Letters- The Death Letters The Death Letters is a Dutch two-piece band from the city of Dordrecht consisting of Victor Brandt (16 years old, playing drums) and Jordi “Duende” Ariza Lora (17, guitar/vocals). The band offers an overwhelming mixture of Rock with mainly Punk and Blues influences but their music also consists of elements from Hard Rock, Pop and Country. Influences come from acts as diverse as The Black Keys, The Datsuns, John Lee Hooker, Son House, Hank Williams and John Frusciante to name just a few.

  • Freddie King rocks

  • and of course anything by Johnny Winter

    • miikargh disse...
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    • Out 1 2009, 20h48

    Great bluerock bands

    Blackwater Fever
    Porch Ghouls
    Left Lane Cruiser

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Fev 26 2010, 17h40

    Seasick Steve in Dublin 2010

  • Nice bands

    American Relay and Juke Joint Pimps

  • Try This Shit


    check my band out we are similar to black keys sort of and are a new english band.
    hope you like it. have a look at the videos up too. thanks.

    Beasty Traps

    love Beasty Traps x
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