Favorite Brainfeeder Albums

  • Favorite Brainfeeder Albums

    As you all know... Cosmogramma is unbelievable.

    For those of you who haven't heard Mux Mool, I think it's essential

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  • I really dig Daedelus latest release "Righteous Fists of Harmony"

  • I've jammed it a few times and I read an excerpt on what the album is about I just haven't been able to get too into it... I shall try another listen soon.

  • Mono/Poly's Paramatma is beastly. ♥♥

    i'm dancing with that 'mmmm' feeling ~ karl hyde (from a fuji rock festival 1999 clip) ✱
  • yeah max mool and mono/poly are both sickkk

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    for sure...

  • yea my favorite this yr is mono/poly latest album, that album is dope

  • Golden Age of Apocalypse is pretty awesome

  • Teebs - Ardour

    Gonjasufi - A Sufi & A Killer (I know it's not from BF, but it was almost entirely produced by Flying Lotus & Gaslamp Killer)

    TOKiMONSTA - Midnight Menu

  • samiyam's latest album is my favorite so far.

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    Teebs - Ardour
    Teebs - Collections 01
    Samiyam - Sam Baker's Album
    Matthewdavid - Outmind
    Ras G - Brotha from Another Planet
    Gaslamp Killer - Breakthrough
    Thundercat - Golden Age of Apocalypse


  • Sam Baker's Album
    Raw Money Raps
    Both Lapalux EPs
    Manifestations EP (Paramatma is dope as well)

    I got pretty much all of em though cause Brain-Brain feeder is the champion sound...

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