Support for scrobbling streams played via WMP?

  • Support for scrobbling streams played via WMP?

    Is there any way to support scrobbling of streams via Windows Media Player. The stream is in *.asx file format, and is basically just a playlist of songs. I am streaming the files from my computer at home to a remote location using the *.asx format. WMP will recognize and display the IDv3 tags on the files themselves, displaying everything accordingly in the player as the song is playing. But the beta (nor the older version) audioscrobbler doesn't recognize that anything is being played. I have tested this on two different Windows 7 machines.

    I am using the most current version of WMP and beta. I have the plugin installed, and it recognizes other formats being played, such as *.mp3. Let me know if you need any other information from me.

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