Has anyone else gone back to 1.4.x after trying 2.0.x?

  • Has anyone else gone back to 1.4.x after trying 2.0.x?

    I really, REALLY want to like 2 but I don't. I know it is "feature-reduced" at the moment and it will get better and I will happily switch when it does, but as it stands I need a piece of music software that does what I want and how I want it - A2 doesn't fit the bill unfortunately.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mar 20 2009, 16h57
    I've tried it too but switched back to 1.4 since it's more stable.

  • Yep.

    My collection was practically unusable because v2 scrambled the ID3 tags. Some artist name with some other artist's song with yet another artist's album title, and so on. Not ready for prime time.

    Fortunately, when I reinstalled 1.4.10 everything was just as it was when I'd left.

    ~ T.
    • Wumme42 disse...
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    • Mar 20 2009, 21h04

    Works good for me

    I have amarok 2.1.0 running and it works fine. OK, if I try to tag files, it`s a bit of a problem, for I can not refer to tags I made before. But specially the lastfm features now do work.
    it`s also much faster because of the real mysql database (I guess), love the lyrics feature. Can`t complain. And it`s getting even better with each update. So I hope the rest of the problems will be solved soon.

    OpenSuse 11.1, KDE4.1.3, kernel i686

    • bjoerns disse...
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    • Mar 22 2009, 1h00


    I switched back zu 1.4 after trying 2.0 because I like 1.4 being so basic and useable.
    I can't really get warm with 2.0 because of some (for me important) features missing.

    • wwwwolf disse...
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    • Mar 22 2009, 11h58

    Just using other players

    I'm kind of in a "don't really bother doing anything and waiting for things to improve" mode - since I have Exaile at hand. I'm definitely waiting for Amarok 2.x to become more stable and more usable; the only problem I have with Amarok 2.x is that it takes a ridiculously long time to start and usability lags, as my computer has "only" 512M of memory. And, of course, Amarok still lacking generic FAT32 mp3 player support is kind of a problem.

  • I did

    I didn't love it (n)

    Cordialement Ayoub
  • Yeah I did. I really don't like the UI

    • ktmf disse...
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    • Mar 22 2009, 21h17
    Currently I'm using both :) When playing serious (party's and things like that) I still use Amarok 1.4.10, normally I use Amarok 2, because I love it :) It is indeed feature-reduced (and ugly!) but Last.fm-support is better :)

    • tswast disse...
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    • Mar 23 2009, 2h02

    Phonon Troubles

    I tried it, but I can't get any sound from Phonon since Kubuntu moved to Kde 4.2. I'm using 1.4 again, because it has it's own engine that doesn't depend on my broken phonon installation.

  • I tried 2 and didn't like it. The tagging was my main problem, but I also think the GUI is ugly as sin and it seemed to be slower than 1.4.10. I'm back to 1.4.10, which is excellent in every way.

    • ax-ax disse...
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    • Mar 24 2009, 16h18
    1 is so much better than 2 imo. I think these new bar functions or whatever they are are ugly. Can't you at least hide the buttons in the edges?

    Ok, it was quite some time ago I tested it, so I don't know. But I like 1.4 soo much.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Mar 26 2009, 3h24


    I just can't get comfortable with the new UI, and the lack of key features (for me the "Various Artists" and the reduced support for media devices). Amarok 1.4 was the closest approach to perfection i've ever found on a media player... but Amarok 2...

    • kakalto disse...
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    • Mar 28 2009, 2h43
    I've actually left amarok since v2, simply because I don't like running two versions of the same toolkit at once (ie qt3 & qt4), on my kde4 desktop - I'm doing without the features I'm so fond of, for the moment.

    • joachimp disse...
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    • Mar 29 2009, 20h33
    Me too... What happened to all my features!!!
    BTW, I've been trying amarok-nightly package for Ubuntu, installed on a Debian-sid box
    Things I miss in descending importance:
    *Tag files, and move || copy to collection(this is a BIG ONE)
    *Dynamic playlists that grab from likeness data from last.fm(2.x doesn't do dynamic playlists very well, its only based on tag data?!?!)
    *auto-magic download of an generic rss feed based podcasts

    I hope these features are in the pipeline, in the meantime, I'm glad the amarok-nightly packages allow my amarok's to co-exist nicely...

    Thanks to all the amarok-devs

    • kakalto disse...
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    • Mar 31 2009, 5h16
    The one that caught me out the most is the bad implementation of multi-cd & various artist compilations. It was very good in amarok1, better than I've ever seen in another player, but come amarok2, it lists all 6 cds of one of my compilation boxes together in the same album..... 6 times over.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Abr 1 2009, 9h09
    Well, to be honest Amarok 1.4 goes slow when u load up 6000-7000 songs, I`ve switched back to xmms

  • 1.4 is still so much better. The 2 hasn't capabilities to work with cuesheet too (or at least I didn't find), to listen custom stations at here (the same) and no support to use MusicBrain (again). But the lyrics are really better and the interface is more beautiful.

    But... for a while I'll be using 1.4.

  • I wasn't too impressed with 2.0.1 or 2.0.2. But i've now switched to 2.1 svn with Bespin and i'm loving it. It looks so much nicer with Bespin <3

    • Waahh disse...
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    • Abr 7 2009, 10h32
    After some weeks using Amarok 2 I also went back to 1.4. It is simply more stable and the usability is much more improved. Amarok 2 has a great potential to become a really great player, but at the moment some bugs and missing features are really too anoying. Well, I'm going to try again in some months.

  • Ayex said:
    Well, to be honest Amarok 1.4 goes slow when u load up 6000-7000 songs, I`ve switched back to xmms

    Are you using SQLite?
    My collection is over 7000 and with a mysql backend everything is very snappy.

  • 2.0 is insane

    I hope they start maintaining both 1.4 and 2.0 in popular distributions for a while. 2 is missing so many features and the library migrator doesn't work right.

  • I was trying to install 2.0 but my system "said" that it could be destructive for it. I didn't "listen" and now I want to reinstall whole kubuntu.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Abr 11 2009, 0h56

    I did

    I think Amarok 2 was prettier... but as lots of pretty things... it didn't worked fine. I use Ubuntu 8.10

    • neithere disse...
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    • Abr 15 2009, 9h32
    I like A2 but sometimes it's so slow that I had to temporarily (I hope so) switch to mpd. However, I really miss some features of both Amaroks like "stop after given track". Also, A2 works much better with Last.fm than any mpd clients I've tried so far.

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