Listen to Event Radio via Amarok

  • Listen to Event Radio via Amarok


    Is there a way to listen to event radios via Amarok?
    Example via website:
    I want to prepare for the Southside Festival this summer and find some unknown bands.

    Hope you can help me

  • Hi, I found a way:

    Wiedergabeliste -- Radiostream hinzufügen...


    Sorry for the German menu titles ;-)


    "Just because you are paranoid, it doesn't mean they are not after you." (Kurt Cobain)

    The curse to be forever 27.

    - ! - Please read the instructions on the back of this message.Thank you. - ! -

  • Thank you!

    It works. Thank you very much!

    And dont't mind the german menu, I am a German, too.
    In english it should be something like Playlist --> Add Radio Stream …

    Thanks again

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