How did you discover Adele?

  • How did you discover Adele?

    Curious to hear about how group members heard about this amazing talent for the first time?

    • edejong disse...
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    • Fev 9 2008, 11h24
    Through Myspace, a few months back.

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  • on myspace a fair few months agothen i downloaded some demos etc :)

    • JNez disse...
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    • Fev 10 2008, 11h38
    iTunes & Billboard. I keep updated on whats coming out of the UK because my favorite artists of the decade have been British: Craig David, Will Young, Amy Winehouse, Corinne Bailey Rae, James Morrison, Lemar, Blue, Simon Webbe, Jamelia, Leona Lewis, & Shayne Ward. I suppose Duffy is next...

  • i can vaguely remember going on her myspace a few months ago. then i heard jo whiley play hometown glory on radio 1 and i realised that it was her. the radio plays died down for awhile before chasing pavements was released and she came back on the scene :) loved her since hometown glory.

  • Way back at the end of 2006 when she first appeared on Jools Holland's show i can't remember what track she did but i remember she was on either before or after Bjork Adele was the highlight of the show

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  • I dunno, I think in the internet, everyone was talking about her. But I never gave her the chance to listen to her. My brother asked me if I knew her. I was like "Yeah, heard of her name, but never heard her". So yeah.
    Then, once, before I went to bed, they played the UK Top 10 Charts and Chasing Pavements was on #2. I just remember sitting on my bed and being totally star-struck about her voice and the tune. I ended up watching her video on YouTube like 10 times in a day. :D

    • darraghs disse...
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    • Mar 19 2008, 16h01
    I heard Adele's Chasing Pavements on 2fm (Irish National Radio station) and then saw her on Jools Holland and Friday Night on Jonthan Ross.
    I had to pre-order her album once I watched Hometown Glory.on YouTube.

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Abr 5 2008, 10h55
    A friend of mine..tell me of her! So..:D :D

    • walke19 disse...
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    • Abr 16 2008, 18h10


    i discovered her on iTunes, and fell in love with her immediately. Her live performances are amazing. She has a one-of-a-kind voice, in my opinion better than amy's.

  • my dad has read about her on a magazine.. he told me: they're saying she has an amazing voice and she's only 20!! i downloaded her album but i appreciated only chasing pavements! the other ones were just normal...
    now i cant even stay a minute without listening to her amazing tunes :D
    keep rocking like that ...

  • chasing pavements played on a tv show i rather like, grey's anatomy, and i usually download the soundtrack cause it's so amazing. the next week, i had to download her album to stop repeating that single amazing track lol

  • i read an article about her on one of czech news sites, so i listened to the songs on youtube, and i was amazed, so as soon as the cd released, i wanted to buy it, but i had troubles with, and it wasnt available in our shops, horrible, but finally i found i on the czech music eshop, i had to wait for it about 6 weeks, but it was worthwhile


  • Well, I discovered her yesterday and simply fell in love with her music. "Hometown glory" played in the ending of a "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" episode and I liked it a lot, so I looked up the lyrics online and found Adele.... I've been listening to her songs ever since. Her music is lovely :)

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  • Around Christmas 2004, on Myspace.

    • Polin-ka disse...
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    • Set 5 2009, 17h41
    Нечаянно наткнулась в Myspace.

  • i was watching fuse on tv, and her song 'hometown glory' came on and i fell in love with her music...

    mistura will always love you!
    • neener23 disse...
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    • Jan 25 2011, 3h34



    • ms1c disse...
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    • Fev 26 2011, 19h02
    I was looking for soul music in the internet and I heard her ''tired''. Really, I don't like her so much but I was watching the MTV a few days ago when I saw Rolling In The Deep's video... Nowadays, I'm in love with her.
    She's beautiful and her voice is so fucking amazing... I can't say anything else :3

    • CGholy disse...
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    • Mar 31 2011, 5h46

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  • I still remeber it was "chasing pavements" and I thought: OMG that girl is a diamond between all the musical shit around

  • suddenly she was all over my tumblr dashboard and i was like wtf who is that? and then i fell in love after listening to her songs for the first time.

    • davidn87 disse...
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    • Abr 3 2011, 21h17
    I heard Chasing Pavements probably around the time she won at the Grammys, but never really liked her til I heard her singing Need You Now with Darius Rucker.

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  • I saw the video of 'Chasing Pavements' on MTV.
    It left me breathless, but in a positive way.

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