• irotas disse...
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    • Mar 29 2008, 21h20

    Why this group?

    I created this group as a child of my primary group Pleasantly Neurotic. The goal of this group is to explore hip-hop without the stereotypical lyrical themes. I looked around Last.fm for a group like this, but I couldn't find a good one, so I created one.


    Why not? It's zeitgeist, baby!
    • irotas disse...
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    • Abr 20 2008, 19h52
    I guess it's not really a child group anymore. This group has taken on an entirely unique life of its own. :)

    Why not? It's zeitgeist, baby!
  • i love that this group features Dj Sid-the Apocalypze, been listening to his sounds for about year, dj sid, yeah...

  • Some recommendations....

    Beat Chemist
    The Legendary Danny K

    I represent the last one. Lets go and see about this DJ Sid then....

    • pilot77 disse...
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    • Ago 14 2008, 16h32
    Tokyo Dawn Records
    dirty soulclaps since 1997
  • i want to recommend you The Opus, theyre pretty good and im sure that you will appreciate them :)

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