• The World I Want to Leave Behind so far. We'll see what Relient K has to offer.

    • ste-oke disse...
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    • Set 30 2009, 20h24
    1. Xenophanes - Omar!

    2.Thrice - Beggars
    3.Mute Math - Armistice

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  • relient k

    • jordalsh disse...
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    • Out 4 2009, 0h48
    Manchester Orchestra and Brand New are tied.
    If Saves the Day makes it out this year it will probably top the list.
    Ace Enders album was good, but not good enough to be AOTY, which disappointed me

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Out 30 2009, 17h42
    1) Anti-Flag - The People Or The Gun
    2) Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown
    3) NoFX - Coaster

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Nov 30 2009, 1h22
    propagandhi - supporting caste

    • Cxltxn disse...
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    • Jan 27 2010, 3h22
    Brand New - Daisy
    Set Your Goals - This Will Be the Death of Us
    Say Anything - Say Anything

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Jun 24 2010, 22h07
    The new Bad Religion will be sick, better than the last, I just know it. They need a mindblower like 'Empire' or 'Process' after the average record that 'New Maps' was.

  • Blakfish

  • In Order:
    Story Of The Year - The Constant
    Aiden - Knives
    From First To Last - Throne To The Wolves
    Alkaline Trio - This Addiction
    Her Bright Skies - Causing A Scene
    Just Surrender - Phoenix
    Secret And Whisper - Teenage Fantasy

  • Alkaline Trio - This Addiction
    Can't Bear This Party - Ain't No Princess
    Man Overboard - Real Talk

  • So far I think Wartime Citizens (The Effort) and Rohnert Park (Ceremony) take the cake.

    Worship and Tribute.
    • tjbagdad disse...
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    • Ago 21 2010, 2h49
    right now for 2010 i gotta go with deftones-diamond eyes.

  • Motion City-My Dinosaur Life

  • ^ agreed ^

    also Lostprophets - The Betrayed
    MGMT - Congratulations
    The National - High Violet
    Raised by Swans - No Ghostless Place
    She and Him - Volume Two

    Eight miles high and fallin' fast
  • At this very moment...

    Perfume Genius - Learning

  • Laura Marling - I Speak Because I Can

    fun stuff

  • i go with either enemy of the world or dancing with a ghost. also the new a day to remember record isn't bad either....

    • bishikon disse...
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    • Dez 31 2010, 2h05

    • [Usuário excluído] disse...
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    • Abr 10 2011, 12h38
    UMMM for 2011 so far i'll put fake history by letlive as my album of the year !

  • Welcome Home Armageddon by Funeral for a Friend

    Eight miles high and fallin' fast
    • Gin145 disse...
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    • Mai 28 2011, 21h05
    Easily Bayside - Killing Time so far, second is Fireworks' Gospel.

  • jezlovesdametal said:
    UMMM for 2011 so far i'll put fake history by letlive as my album of the year !

    came out in 2010

    • ZETANIC disse...
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    • Set 16 2011, 18h55
  • ZETANIC said:
    No Devolución

    Amazing album...

    Neigborhoods (really, it's growing on me)

    Eight miles high and fallin' fast
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